JILL DAVIS ~ Speaker & Life Coach

JILL DAVIS ~ Speaker & Life Coach

Jill Packard works with women to help them retain their identity as they go through the daily challenges of life. She enables women to see more clearly who they were intended to be. As a Personality Trainer she helps others to understand “what makes them tick” to better understand themselves and build better relationships with those around them.

She is a provocative and empowering speaker and coach. For over 15 years she has worked with women helping them identify and fulfill their dreams. Using her own life challenges as the mother of four, military wife, divorce survivor and owner of a successful business, she is able to create belief in others. She understands the difficulties women encounter, both in the world and within themselves. Her energy and determination are an inspiration and her highly developed intuition allows her to touch a nerve in everyone she encounters.

Trained in Personality Principles and Coaching Strategies, Jill continues to make her own dreams come true as she harnesses her unique skills and reaches out to other women. She encourages, inspires, and guides them toward their own fulfillment.

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