Laurie Schur ~ Director of “The Beauty of Aging”

Laurie Schur ~ Director of “The Beauty of Aging”

Laurie Schur Laurie Schur, spent her life helping others. For 25 years during her career as a psychotherapist, she used her education and knowledge to assist those looking for solutions to life’s problems.  The time arrived, however, when she began looking in earnest for answers for herself.  Intuitively aware that her own aging process would be unlike that of the previous generation’s, she was eager to find a role model that would reveal a different view of aging. Thus began her journey as the Director and Producer of “The Beauty of Aging” film project.

The goal of her project was to share the stories of active, extraordinary American women over eighty, but it has gone far beyond its original intent.  In fact, it has helped to explode the myths that were previously held by many that aging ushers in a period of steady decline and that aging individuals have little to offer the world or society.

“The extraordinary women in our film are so engaged in their activities, so filled with curiosity, and wisdom, that they are completely redefining old age,” Laurie tells us. “As part of the fastest growing population in American, these women are forging a new trail for other women.” Things are not at all as they seemed.

Greedy for Life is the first release from this important project. A 35-minute short featuring two of the women selected for The Beauty of Aging project, this film gives us a taste of things to come and leaves us eager for the next release. Shirley and Lavada tell their stories in a way that is not only uplifting but awe inspiring. We are introduced to two compelling women who embrace life with such energy and enthusiasm that it is contagious and one walks away with a new respect for the aging population and new role models for our own aging.

“Greedy for Life”, an official selection for Gero-Ed Film Festival,  is available for purchase and is being used by individuals, organizations, groups, colleges and universities, as an educational and inspirational film on aging. You won’t want to miss a chance to see it.

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