Sophie Lumen ~ Artist Extraordinaire

Sophie Lumen ~ Artist Extraordinaire

Sophie Lumen oozes creativity. She lives and breathes her art and embodies the fullest expression of aging artfully that I have yet to encounter. You will find her on Facebook, supporting and loving and inspiring thousands of women who yearn to erase their fear of aging and embrace the beauty within.

During a time when Sophie struggled with depression she wrote three words on an index card: Feed the Beauty and from that has sprung inspirational and moving artwork, two books, an insightful blog, The Art of Aging Creed and so much more. The best way to get to know Sophie is to join her journey on Facebook, buy her book, or place a piece of Sophie’s art in your home. You will be inspired.


“Learn the language of your soul

and the power of its beauty,

and you will call forth strength and endurance

that’s been there all along.” ~ sophie Luman

Sophie’s Book Feed the Beauty ~ White Rose invites you to participate in the process the author created for herself as she struggled to listen to her own heart. It began with acrylic paint and canvas where she created “girlfriends out of paint” and called them “Listening Women”. Then she “wrote page after page of poems and exercises I call The Practices” and in so doing became an observer and a listener of my own heart, mind and will. I began to lovingly feed the beauty of my own soul. White Rose is a simple little book about how to slow down for your soul , and Feed the Beauty within you.”

Available in Hard copy or digital. Order your copy HERE.

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This resource is helpful for finding art classes.

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