RIPE: Rich, Rewarding Work After 50 by Julia Moulden

RIPE: Rich, Rewarding Work After 50 by Julia Moulden

Are you one of the many women over fifty looking for rich and rewarding work? A job or career that will not only put money in your pocket but meaning in your life?  Julia Moulden provides readers with the necessary guidance and tools to make it happen in her new book RIPE.

A member of the boomer generation Moulden  understands that our quest for work is a personal journey and one that is intimately tied to our quest for something more.  She also understands that most of us aren’t interested in retiring, at least in a traditional way.  We are still very much engaged in life and want to make the most of our fifties, sixties, seventies and beyond.

If you’re “ripe for change”, RIPE will give you a roadmap through the confusion and uncertainty. In a 12-week course, in 12 chapters,  you will be introduced to “essential concepts, inspiring examples and practical exercises designed to help you find your way”. Moulden takes you through the process of self discovery and understanding necessary to move forward in your journey to meaningful work.

Each chapter is broken down into instruction, stories of real people who exemplify the lesson, journal prompts and “spade work”, questions that make you think beneath the surface. If you take the author’s directives to heart, each chapter will keep you busy processing and exploring for at least a week. You certainly could do it faster but absorbing change and self-discovery takes time.

Julia Moulden’s writing style is engaging and upbeat. You won’t find yourself drifting off as she sets a pace that keeps the reader moving forward. I would definitely recommend RIPE, particularly if you are struggling with what to do next in your work or career life, although much applies to other areas of life as well.


Julia Moulden is an author, speaker, and columnist. Her books have sold around the world and been translated into six languages. She is known for anticipating trends – with RIPE as the latest example. Over the course of her career she has written for the world’s most visionary leaders and organizations, including speeches for CEOs, cabinet ministers and celebrities.

As a speaker, Julia is always in demand. People use words like “inspiring” and “unforgettable” to describe her presentations – she’s known for helping people change the way they think about themselves – and our world.


RIPE: Rich, Rewarding Work After 50 – Your Guide to the Next Best Phase of Your Career

WE ARE THE NEW RADICALS: A Manifesto for Reinventing Yourself and Saving the World (McGraw-Hill, New York, 2008)

GREEN IS GOLD: Business Talking to Business About the Environmental Revolution (HarperBusiness, 1991)


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