When You Want to Make a Difference

When You Want to Make a Difference

The older we get the more compelled many of us feel to make a difference in the world we live in. Once I  finished the bulk of the whirlwind years of child rearing I was ready to embark on a different sort of adventure. In time I zeroed in on those things that are most important to me and launched my writing and consulting “career”. I don’t know which I enjoy more, the writing or helping other women, like myself, find and do what they love to do.

Many of the women over fifty that I have met in my travels are equally committed, not only to doing what they love to do, but to using their gifts and passions s to making the lives of others better.  They are expanding their hobbies, crafts, skills and abilities, and starting businesses, digging deeper into benevolent outreach and taking advantage of their time, energy with enthusiasm. I am humbled to be a part of such an amazing generation.

There has never been a better time to extend our reach.  The internet and its many social media venues has provided us with a platform for connection and expansion. If you have a business, a hobby, a conviction that you would like to share with others, Aging Abundantly is here to support you. We provide tips, tools and coaching support to help you obtain your dreams. If you are struggling or feeling stuck, I promise there is an answer and I will help you find it.  I have spent endless hours mastering the internet and social media marketing (not that it can ever really be mastered!) and enjoy coaching women who are interested in using this medium to reaching more people with their business or project.

You may also find my copywriting, editing and other writer’s support services helpful to you. For writers, an objective perspective can be a tremendous boon to a normally solitary endeavor. For those of you who need content for a website or blog, or advice on improving your writing skills for this purpose, I am here to help.

Contact me for more information or a free consultation via email.

I believe in YOU! You can make a difference!



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  1. I love this Dorothy. When I turned my life on the corporate jungle I had no idea I would end up in Peru and Hawaii to go find myself. Even when we do we still don’t always know how to make a contribution the urge will not leave. For some of us this is the time of our lives we reach our destiny. It was certainly mine. But not in the way I anticipated. Accidental writer he he and not about personal development – about relationships…the story of my life.
    Loved your blog.

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