My New Favorite Blogs

My New Favorite Blogs

This painting is by my new favorite artist Z. L. Feng Click on picture for more.
This painting is by my new favorite artist Z. L. Feng Click on picture for more.

“ When it’s time to suffer, you should suffer; when it’s time to cry, you should cry. Cry completely. Cry until there are no more tears and then recognize in your exhaustion that you’re alive. The sun still rises and sets.  The seasons come and go. Absolutely nothing remains the same and that includes suffering. When the suffering ends wisdom begins to raise the right questions.”

Seido Ray RonciThe Examined Life

 I found this quote on my new favorite blog: One Rich Life by JZR, a sixty-something woman whose writing resonates with me. She’s a published author, poet and artist who offers a deep and rich look into her life and life in general.

AskJillDavis recently launched her blog. Jill is a dear friend and a one-of-a-kind Life Coach. Her specialty is “personalities”  and if you are looking for some help with relationships, boss, children, co-workers, etc., she’s the go-to person in my book. She offers great tools and training and is a very inspiring speaker.

Speaking from the Heart, Laurie Buchanan’s blog, always gives me something to think about!

Laurie Buchanan is a Holistic Health Practitioner—Board Certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)—and a Transformational Life Coach. Her areas of interest include energy medicine, inner alchemy, spiritual awareness, writing, and laughter. Definitely laughter!

3 Replies to “My New Favorite Blogs”

  1. Dorothy, Thank you so much for your kudos. I appreciate your visits to my blog so much and love visiting yours as well. You have so much to give to this world. Keep up your great work.

    PS I’m past the sixty-something. Turned 70 last year with no regrets!

  2. Thank you for the introduction to Z.L. Feng. I was looking for information to help my Grandmother who has Alzheimer’s but was struck by the beauty and color palette of that painting. I had never heard of this artist before and would love to have a print of theirs in my home – I am off to research Feng’s work right now.

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