Caring for Mom ~ Midlife Reflections

Caring for Mom ~ Midlife Reflections

caring for mom coverCaring for Mom is a collection of my blogs and articles written during the year prior to my mother’s death and the year following. It was a time in my life when great change was taking place, inside and out and I found peace and solace in writing, some of which I’d like to pass on to you. Midlife is a period of transition, and while difficult at times, I wouldn’t change it for the world. It gave me everything I needed, and more, to set my life on a better, more authentic path. I hope that Caring for Mom will provide you with food for thought for your own journey and a little comfort along the way. You are not alone.



“This beautiful book deeply touched my heart. Not only has it been a source of comfort as I travel the path of taking care of my parents, it has also been a light for that path and my life path. Each story she shares of her life is a snapshot of life’s passages. What a joy and comfort to read this book. To know that I am not alone, that I am part of a universal experience. Dorothy’s ability to touch my heart often left me in tears, but just as often those tears turned into laughter, just like this path I am on.”  ~ Jill Davis, Life Coach


“I recently re- read excerpts from this insightful book that opened a wellspring of my own memories. Taking Care of Mom invites the reader to experience the mother/daughter relationship in a profound and moving way. In this age of high momentum,usually separated from our families by too many miles and often losing sight of what is truly important and precious in the familial relationship, Dorothy Sander takes hold of our hearts with her words and brings the reader down to earth, but in a loving way. My memories of my mother are far different from Dorothy’s, yet they are also the same in a significant way. The book makes a daughter reflect and, if read while mom is still around, can perhaps change the way the relationship goes.It’s a gentle journey that stirs up a kettle of emotions.”   ~ Sylvia Resnick, Author


“With courage and wisdom Dorothy Sander spills truth onto every page of this rare book. Uneasy topics are handled with skill and her personal experience is beautiful, painful, raw, and real. Readers will never be alone on similar difficult journeys when they can tap into Dorothy’s insights. Her style and ability as a wordsmith make this volume a joy, and the stark realities it contains make it important reading for anyone caring for an aging loved one.”  ~ Sue Ann Crockett, Columnist and Author of Gravy Days


“While I found Caring for Mom difficult to read from a personal standpoint because it prompted me to revisit memories of my own mother and the myriad challenges faced and emotions felt in caring for her before her death, I admired the author’s wisdom, insight, perspective, and ability to put into words what so many of us feel and are unable to articulate. Her honesty is balanced and her gift for drawing the reader into situations and the emotions they enkindled is very real and very tangible. I found Caring for Mom to be quite an inspiring read.”   ~ Maria Maggi,  Editor


“Dorothy provides an open and loving description of a common journey between mother and daughter, one that I traveled as well. There is an emotional resonance in reading her words that is at the same time painful and comforting. I appreciate the effort she made in this work as well as her talent for expression.”  ~ Suzanne Caplan, Author and Founder of Women Etcetera!




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