We All Need Support

It took far longer than I would like it to have taken, for me to understand what real “support” looks like. I’m a rebellious sort, by  nature or nurture it’s hard to say, and I have never liked people telling me what to do, think, or say. It’s one of the primary…

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Food for Fun – Day #10

Durham Bulls

Today I woke up more clear-headed than I have in centuries! The ebb and flow of anxiety and depression has become less severe. I feel fatigued at times if I try to do too much, or don’t keep my food intake up. While all is not perfect, I am feeling…

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A Word About Trauma – Day #8 & #9

lotus light

Three years ago, I was involved in a car accident that changed my life  forever. Driving 65 mph on a heavily traveled highway,  pelted by the torrential rain of a tropical storm that was moving up the northeast coast,  a pickup truck pulling a trailer entered the highway from a…

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