Hyped Up and Nowhere to Go – Days 5 & 6

Hyped Up and Nowhere to Go – Days 5 & 6

too much coffeeI’m completely blown away by how much energy I have in such a short amount of time. At times I don’t think my body knows what to do with it, as I often feel keyed up (for lack of better expression) or HOT! I think I’m past the hot flash stage, but maybe I woke my hormones up.  That might not be all bad!

Yesterday,  the keyed up thing did not feel good unless I was doing something; felt more like one might feel when you drink too much coffee. I couldn’t stop talking, or thinking, or writing, or doing…and I just wanted to chill! Poor Scott wanted to put a sock in my mouth — and to think I used to be quiet! My massage therapist told me on Saturday that she could feel so much energy coming from my head that it was clear my brain was working overtime! We didn’t stop talking through the whole thing, so the massage was no help in that regard.

It occurred to me that the last three years I have been largely shut down. The first year after the accident I pretty much just sat in a chair. I didn’t go anywhere or do anything besides a little writing and such. I almost never left the house except for rehab or doctor’s appointments. The second year was only slightly better. I did go more places, albeit reluctantly, and move my body some. The third year I have been on a roller coaster of feeling good and crashing. I walked almost every day, unless I was in the valley. So perhaps, and I’m waiting for Crystal’s input, I’m firing up the engines and need to move! 🙂

I’ve accomplished more in the past week than I’ve accomplished in the last month. My brain is clearer, my focus is better and believe it or not, I’m doing better with the limited food choices.

I’m going to end this and go put up some info on what I’m doing. I’ve appreciated all the support I’ve been receiving.  I wasn’t even looking for it when I began this blog. I just needed to help process the whole thing as I went and to help me find perspective. It has been such a bonus to talk to all of you and to exchange thoughts and experiences. Thank you! You’ve made it easier. DS

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