The Body, Mind, Spirit Connection – Day #7

The Body, Mind, Spirit Connection – Day #7

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by Pino

Our modern culture has, in my opinion, a tendency to pull things apart into quantifiable pieces.  Our society has become so complex and diverse that our drive to understand and manage it, has led to habits of thought that compartmentalize.  We judge from a distance what we do not know or understand personally. Science, medicine and business view the individual through the lens of this type of judgment. Our natural state of connectivity and free communication between is disrupted.

We are not just our minds and what we can achieve with them. We are not just our bodies and what we can do or attract with them. We are not just our spirit that can thrive independently from the body that holds it, or the mind that directs it and connects it to the world. We are all three at once, perpetually interacting,  supporting,  and balancing. If we mistreat one, we mistreat the other. If we care for one, we are care for the other.

When women objectify their bodies, manipulate, control, abuse and defy their physical needs, they lose touch with their spirit, their guide, their life force in a way that can be profound. They use their minds to support this endeavor and in the process, taking it away from more important, valuable and creative pursuits.

I was reminded of this today when Crystal led me on a guided imagery meditation. Over the last week I have been so focused on what my body was, and wasn’t doing, on the new food regimen and making sure I was doing all of the right things, including keeping my food journal and taking the right supplements at the right time, that I did not give enough attention to my spiritual/emotional needs. I did not address the issues that were arising. Through the guided imagery I was able to call back my spirit and to find balance once again, which will only enhance the process of healing.

A healing and wellness regimen, to be effective, takes into consideration all aspects of who we are, and listens to the voice of each. Each has unique wounds to heal. Each has unique wisdom to offer in the support of the other.


Body: As I mentioned yesterday, I was reeeaally wound up, mentally and physically, while at times feeling extremely weak and anxious. Crystal suggested that this was likely something to do with my body cranking up to start working right again. (I’m hoping she will join me here to give the more educated version of these things, but in the meantime….) She told me to add an apple with almond butter for my afternoon snack (Yippeee!!!) and humus, nut crackers and dark chocolate for my before bed snack. The former I had in the house and savored every little bite of it and within twenty felt considerably better. I did the same for my night-time snack. The thought of eating chocolate also scared me to death. I was afraid if a bite in my mouth I might eat the entire bar.

Mind: Clarity. Haze lifting. Wow! I can think again.

Spirit: I am learning to feel safe again…slowly. Striving to see my fears as the illusions they are, to nurture, care for and embrace the sad and lonely child within me, and to tend and care for the hurting, broken woman who would rather curl up and die than hurt another minute.

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  1. Dr Candace Pert was the scientist who discovered/located the opiate receptor in our brains. And during her subsequent decades as a research scientist, discovered that the ‘molecules of emotion’ are all through our bodies, not just in our brains. Her book, “Molecules of Emotion’ both tells her story [fascinating!] as well as lays out her theory that our bodies ARE our subconscious minds. It’s the scientific basis to what you’ve written Dorothy. We are an entity, can’t impact one part of ourselves without impacting the others. It’s exciting to see your new regimen working!!! Welcome back…….

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