Food for Fun – Day #10

Food for Fun – Day #10

Durham BullsToday I woke up more clear-headed than I have in centuries! The ebb and flow of anxiety and depression has become less severe. I feel fatigued at times if I try to do too much, or don’t keep my food intake up. While all is not perfect, I am feeling better and better each day. In fact, I felt so much better last night I had an overwhelming desire to go to Tutti Fruiti’s for a big cup of frozen yogurt to celebrate! How else does one celebrate….anything!

Food as a form of celebration, fun, reward, and relaxation is deeply ingrained in my body, mind and spirit. My husband and I always plan where we will eat whenever we do anything for enjoyment. It’s part of the outing.

He loves to cook and loves to eat and his favorite pastime is planning our meals, in or out. Whether it’s a picnic on a trip or going out to a nice restaurant, it’s a central focus. Fortunately, we eat fairly well most of the time and our finances have never allowed us to indulge in dining out on a regular basis, but a change in perspective will have to be made for me to hold fast to this new lifestyle.

Finding ways to enjoy time together, without food as a significant part of the experience, will be a challenge. Every year we go to opening night at the Durham Bull’s. It’s coming up in a couple of weeks, and while the game and ambiance is always enjoyable, ballpark food is part of the fun. It’s something we only do once or twice a year. Much of it I could do with out, and usually do, but there are a few items….well, I’m just going to miss. I do not want to slip into deprivation mode on such occasions, especially if my husband chooses to indulge.

Scott has been cooking up a storm for me and helping in every way he can. Still, I know he is struggling with deprivation. He wants to support me, but he wants his pasta! I keep telling him to cook and eat what he wants, and I will take care of me, but I think he’s trying to eat healthier, and for the moment is sticking with it .  It’s made cooking more challenging for him,  allowing for fewer opportunities for creative expression.

These are all things to sort out and it will take time to do so.  Change is never easy. Even if it’s entirely worth it!

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  1. I envy you a husband who not only cooks but also is willing to deprive himself to support you in your program! Mine is a wonderful man in so many respects but the new healthy lifestyle that we both need and strive for lies entirely in my hands. And I am a bit of a reluctant cook, enjoying some parts of the process but not keen on spending hours in the kitchen every day. Alas, we need to change the way we do things around here and at least my husband helps with the cleaning up and supports me and us in many other ways. I just read the book ‘Food Rules’ by Michael Pollan and I think rule #64 applies here: Break the rules once in a while. But also #60: Treat treats as treats 🙂

    1. By the end of the first two week, my husband had slipped into “deprivation” mode. We went out to dinner and I had an omelet with spinach and tomatoes, and he had a hamburger lathered with mayo, french fries AND onion rings. Several months ago he was the one eating well and losing weight. It’s a constant struggle and you are so right about making sure we do eat things we enjoy, otherwise we’ll continue to do the yo yo thing. After two weeks of eating nothing but protein and vegetables, an apple and almond butter was an enormous treat. As a general rule, in our culture, we treat ourselves so often that the stakes (steaks!) become bigger and bigger to try and attain the emotional high I was able to get from the apple. Everything in moderation as my mother used to say!

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