My Unfolding

Frank's Photo Essays

The unfolding of consciousness sometimes feels like a runaway freight train…and I’m just hanging on for dear life. Ah, but what a ride! My only regret is that I got on board so late in life.  On the other hand, my life’s path that led me to this point carries…

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Still Learning


When I stop and close my eyes and breathe in what peace I can find around me…in the breezes that blow, the hum of the chime as the air lifts it in song…I find fear when I want desperately to find comfort. It is a hard journey finding my way…

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I Honor You Robin Williams

  Creativity yearns and churns, Stretches and aches, bogged down by the relentless nagging, driven by the ardent and fierce tingles of sinuous standings.   Almost unbidden, in a moment of neglect, it erupts and breaks free bursting forth in weightlessness, Sucking in the  lifeblood of release to dance wildly across a kaleidoscopic…

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I began to think about “spaces” this morning after reading a post by Laurie, one of my favorite bloggers. She is blessed with an abundance of courage and enthusiasm for life. She and her husband recently picked up and moved from the Midwest to Boise, ID. This is a popular…

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