The Walton Family Cookbook by Sylvia Resnick

The Walton Family Cookbook by Sylvia Resnick

If you like to cook, you’ll enjoy working your way through my friend Sylvia Resnick’s little cookbook. The recipes are not exactly Walton Family fare but rather Hollywood fare of the Walton era. Interspersed with behind the scenes cast stories and reflections, Sylvia presents a unique take on this old TV series.

Sylvia and I met online through a mutual acquaintance close to ten years ago. We were both looking to connect with other writers and women over fifty who were just starting to come on the social media scene. From the very beginning of our friendship I delighted in hearing of Sylvia’s adventures in Hollywood that date back to the mid-60’s, when as a Hollywood writer her articles and interviews appeared in such magazines as Movie Stars, TV Star Parade and Modern Screen. In the

In the 1970’s, she joined the staff of famed gossip columnist and businesswoman Rona Barrett where she interviewed and wrote about rising film and television stars for Barrett’s magazines. She went on to write a biography of Kristy McNichol commissioned by Xerox and two celebrity cookbooks: The Patridge Family Cookbook (Curtis Publications) and The Walton Family Cookbook (Bantam), with a focus not only on favorite recipes but homespun memories from the show. In 1982, Sylvia signed a contract with St. Martin’s Press to write a biography of Burt Reynolds.

Immersed in Hollywood life, Sylvia became friends with Burt Reynolds and in 1982, she signed a contract with St. Martin’s Press to write his biography.

Her writing talents also found their way into the fiction world. She wrote a trilogy of teen mysteries titled “Debbie Preston Teenage Reporter” and two erotic novels: Heat Wave and Summer of Love. She is currently under contract to complete a book on Hollywood Heartthrobs for Bear Mountain Media.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my copy of The Walton Family Cookbook. I’ve given it as a gift to several of my friends who were fans of the show. Not only does it have good recipes, readers can’t help but be reminded of the good ‘ole days when the Waltons were like family friends.




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  1. thanks Dorothy for the great reviews. I’m working in tandem on two books now, a historical erotic romance for Solul Mate Publishing and a memoir (no takers yet) based upon the nearly twelve years of my husband’s illness following a subdural hemmoraghe and brain surgery. A very interesting duo to write about.

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