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Holiday Blues on Black Friday

I know it’s Black Friday but I’m not a shopper anymore, if I ever was. I’m so grateful I don’t have the need to fight the crowds and spend money to feel like it’s the holiday season. I still have memories of New York Department store shopping and driving around the mall parking lot for […]

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A Grateful Heart

I am grateful for the loving force that comes into the hearts of men and women around the globe inspiring them to reach out to the broken hearted, the poor, the hungry, and all who suffer; for humble servants of truth and compassion who break down walls and free those in bondage; for knowledge and […]

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Trauma & Healing

A Child without Edges

A childhood of abuse or neglect sets the stage for an adult who does not know who they are. Healthy boundaries are either a mystery or non-existent. They are either too rigid or too fluid. When we don’t know who we are, we may unconsciously cling to the rules and belief systems that were imposed on us […]

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We Cannot Ignore the Cry

We dig beneath the surface of our pain not only to eliminate the pain, but to grow into and beyond it; to discover who we are in the corner of our heart left unattended as life passed by. We grow weary of living on the surface, of trying to catch up with the cultural ego […]

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