Backwards Thinking

Backwards Thinking

bffff3fc7ca8ab3fcb9ff07f7e7e1bc6The sun streamed through the kitchen window this morning, it’s warm inviting tendrils wrapping themselves around me like a lost lover. The relief I felt, the fullness of my appreciation for what I had been missing and the cavernous desire to take in as much of its energy as I could was  not dissimilar to the way I felt when my boys returned home after their first weekend camping trip, or my husband from a business trip.

I’ve become increasingly aware of the vast array of sensory healing that is available to us, and how little we are shown the way in a culture that focuses on illness and pathology more than it does on sustenance and healing.  We are taught to focus on what is wrong with us, not on the amazing power to heal and thrive that is inherent in the gift of life.

This is especially true when it comes to mental and emotional issues. Although the tide is changing, many of us are currently suffering the ill effects of a lifetime of living in an environment that neither feeds us nor teaches us how to manage our gifts and challenges. Furthermore, we were taught to ignore the very signals our bodies naturally gives us to guide us through these challenges.

In the simple example of the sun shining after three days of rain we are shown many things. My body told me loud and clear that it needs warmth, sun, and the loving sustenance of nature. It needs these things as much as it needs water and food.  If I had not been fortunate enough to be in a home facing the sun when it came out and had instead been in a cubicle facing a computer screen, a very real need would not have been met and my awareness of it would grow dull over time.

I remember sitting in many a classroom longing to be outside. I forced myself to go to work in an office day after day because that was the thing I was supposed to value, not the needs of my body, mind and spirit for nature. I told myself that cleaning my house and making money was more important than any signals my body might be sending me to the contrary.

We have it backwards. I had it backwards. When we work in cooperation with our body we do not become the unhealthy sloths we think we will become. Quite the opposite. We find renewed energy, renewed health, renewed focus and activity.  When we follow our instincts, our intuition, our yearnings and desires, we give ourselves what we need and energy begins to flow and health begins to blossom.

Coming back to my original self from a lifetime of backwards thinking and backwards living has been a long and not always easy process, but it has been a glorious one, a life-affirming one and one I would like to see everyone have the opportunity to experience.

Learning to fill ourselves with what we actually need rather than trying to fill ourselves with that which will never nurture or sustain us is a life long process. I experience hurdles and bumps and drift away from those things I’m learning to be true. The difference now, however, is that I stay true to who I am more often. I live in closer proximity to my soul self and perhaps more importantly I am learning how to get back there when I wander off.

The path I took may not be for everyone. We each have our own unique sensibilities, but we all also have an inner self that will speak to us when we choose to tune in and listen.  It is this inner guide that will lead you on your path of healing. It will lead you to exactly what you need and take you to the place where the sun will heal your hurts and fire up your energy and a sense of well-being will become more real than ever before. The abundance of life and love lives within each of us regardless of circumstances. It is our birthright. This I will always believe.


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  1. If that is a photo of your kitchen, I love, love, love it! Even it it isn’t I still love its charm. We had 5 days of cloudy weather in Florida (unusual for the Sunshine State), but then the sun came out and it’s still shining. I make it a point to get out and enjoy the weather after my writing chair seat gets too warm – like now.

    Uplifting post – thank you!

    1. I read that 30 minutes of walking every day can counteract the effects of sitting. Doesn’t sound like enough, but if it is, it gives me hope for the future for the millions of young people (like my sons) working at computers all day (and writers!).

  2. Dorothy, I’ve heard that we need to walk, 10,000 steps a day to keep ourselves fit. When I walk for 30 or 35 minutes in the morning I go between 5 and 6 thousand steps, depending on how fast I’m walking. I think you’re correct to think that 30 minutes of walking a day isn’t enough.

    Here’s to Sunshine in the dark of winter!

  3. Ah, Dorothy. You and I must be sisters. We see life in much the same way. I loved this post and I love the term, “backwards thinking”. That’s exactly what I’ve been fighting to get away from all my life. It’s good to be letting that go now. It’s obvious you feel the same way.

    1. Yes, I’ve noticed that you and I think very much alike, Lucinda! The world pulls at us to ignore or inner voice, our intuition, our spiritual selves – and I don’t know about you, but as a child it was not understood by my family or recognized. The fact that we’re finding a way to put things in order now is perhaps exactly as it should be. All is well.

  4. “We were taught to ignore the very signals our bodies naturally gives us to guide us through these challenges.” These words ring true for me, whether the issues are physical or mental, and that is so sad, isn’t it? If only we were encouraged to navigate our own bodies and minds the way we were taught to conform to “what’s expected,” the world would be a happier and more peaceful place. Thank you for articulating this in such a beautiful way, Dorothy.

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