Jung’s 7 Tasks of Aging – Task One

Carl Jungs 7 Tasks of Aging

Jung viewed the aging process as a “developmental stage”, not just the passing of time until death. Through work with his patients and his own experience of aging he came to see it is an important period of time during which we naturally draw away from the physical world and the conquering of externals to…

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Aging Is An Inside Job

Aging Is an Inside Job

It seems like a hundred years ago that Sophie Lumen of The Art of Aging began to amass her spectacular following on Facebook. We stumbled across each other and immediately recognized that we were kindred spirits. We joined forces in heart and mind to take on the challenges of aging.…

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Boomers! We’ve Succeeded!

DO YOU THINK IT’S TIME TO RETIRE THIS PICTURE? I’ve been struggling for a while now to figure out what direction to head with Aging Abundantly. A decade has passed since I ventured into my own midlife chaos along with a generation of women who knew that somehow their aging process…

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