Boomers! We’ve Succeeded!

Boomers! We’ve Succeeded!



I’ve been struggling for a while now to figure out what direction to head with Aging Abundantly. A decade has passed since I ventured into my own midlife chaos along with a generation of women who knew that somehow their aging process had to look different from their mother’s. It’s been a time of tremendous change and evolution of perspective and thought, not dissimilar to that of the 60’s. We are a generation that doesn’t do things half way! When we feel a call to action, we dive in hook, line and sinker.

I marvel at the ground the Boomer generation has covered in such a short time. (I remember when I wrote about hating being called a “boomer” – it was a “new” term being thrown about by people who couldn’t even begin to understand who we are or were. Oh, how I hate stereotypes! Clearly, I lost that battle!)  The success we have had in changing a deeply embedded cultural perspective was due in no small part to the internet and the relentless, committed female (and a few good men) writers, speakers and thinkers who worked tirelessly to understand their own aging process and articulate who they saw themselves to be as women over fifty in today’s world.  I believe with absolute certainty, that we have succeeded in accomplishing what we set out to accomplish.

Is the war over? I don’t think so, but the first major battle has been won. Why else would Vogue be featuring gorgeous senior models, and articles and news segments proliferating everywhere on the adventures, the beauty, the style and the excitement of the mature woman? They heard our cry! They see our beauty, our passion and our wisdom. We are not invisible. They may not understand us, but you can bet they see us and value us. First, we had to value ourselves…and so we have.

The next phase of the process belongs to the generation that follows us. Their job is to take what they have learned from us and add their own touches, their own sense of meaning, their own battles fought and won. That being said, for now, I have nothing more to say that I have not already said on the specific issues of midlife. I am in the process of collecting what I have written and synthesizing it into some coherent whole to make available for those interested. For now, two years of blogs can be found as a downloadable eBook here. Eventually, I will make all of the posts available for download and perhaps write a compendium volume that synthesizes everything I’ve learned over the last decade into some coherent whole. It’s time to wrap it all up in a package and send it off into the universe – in other words, it’s time to move on.

I won’t be shutting down the Aging Abundantly website just yet, if at all. I plan to post articles, book reviews, interviews, etc. from time to time that are relevant to mid-lifers. I do plan, however, to do my creative, reflective blogging on my personal website,  I hope you’ll join me there.  I’ve learned so much that I’m eager to share with you, things that I believe you will find of significant value to your journey.  If you would prefer to stay connected via email, add your name to my mailing list. You will be notified when something is published on both websites and you can specify your interests.

It’s been an awesome ride! Don’t you agree?


Best of Aging Abundantly Book

Two years of blog posts from the original Aging Abundantly blog

addressing the issues of aging, caregiving, empty nest, relationships, etc. at midlife.


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  1. Your readers might also probably enjoy forays into the world of Gen-X’ers, the age of my children, and the even younger set, the Millennials, who are the age of parents of two-year-olds I teach at church in pre-school. Different lenses for each and quite a contrast to us.

    Great idea: evaluating where you’ve been and where to head next. Great post, Dorothy!

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