Food for Fun – Day #10

Durham Bulls

Today I woke up more clear-headed than I have in centuries! The ebb and flow of anxiety and depression has become less severe. I feel fatigued at times if I try to do too much, or don’t keep my food intake up. While all is not perfect, I am feeling … Continue reading

The Body, Mind, Spirit Connection – Day #7

Artist Pino

Our modern culture has, in my opinion, a tendency to pull things apart into quantifiable pieces.  Our society has become so complex and diverse that our drive to understand and manage it, has led to habits of thought that compartmentalize.  We judge from a distance what we do not know or … Continue reading

Coming Full Circle – Day #4


My family moved from a quaint little town not far from Erie, PA, to a small paper mill town on the Androscoggin River in Maine. My father, an electrical engineer,  was perhaps, taking a step up the corporate ladder. Just shy of my third birthday, my mother, my two older sisters … Continue reading

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