Dorothy Sander


The Resurrection of Hope

The hope of Easter

The symbolism of Easter belongs to all of humanity. Death and resurrection, or rebirth, takes its cue from nature and the change of the seasons. It’s a potent symbol that describes an aspect of existence that is difficult to describe in any other way.   Death comes to all of…

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WISDOM – WHAT IS IT? #WisdomWednesday


As a young adult I admired those individuals who emulated wisdom. I read voraciously the words of great writers and teachers who seemed to have an inside tract on the meaning of life. From Kierkegaard, Tillich, C.S. Lewis, Kahlil Gibran, Jesus, Reinhold Niebuhr, Jung, Martin Buber, to Camus, Sartre, Herman Hess, Samuel…

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Online quizzes attract me like a kid to a cookie jar. Their popularity is a good indication that I’m not alone. Modern humans seem fascinated with the subtleties of their personalities and figuring out who they are, really. We want to know our hidden gifts and most attractive qualities. I’m no different. Many days I feel…

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