WhenDon’t Just Survive the Aging Process, Learn to Thrive

Upheaval, change, and loss invite us into the transformative process.  Instead of avoiding, outrunning or medicating our discomfort, we can choose instead to slow down and enter the chaos.  We learn amazing things when we do.

Life has been my most ardent teacher. I arrived on planet earth with sensitivity, intuition and deep understanding of human nature.  My gifts turned to depression as I did not have the adult guidance I needed to manage my awareness.  I felt perpetually out of step with the world even as I went through the motions of living my life.

Hidden in the nightmare was another blessing.  The darkness drove me relentlessly in search of answers, understanding and inner peace.  It directed my path every day of my life. Midlife chaos finally led me where I needed to go. . . back to my true self. Grateful for every step of my journey, I am eager to accompany you and offer what guidance I can as you uncover your true self.  

I received my M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary with a concentration in spiritual psychology and counseling.  Since that time I’ve devoted endless hours to study and research in the psycho/spiritual growth.  Neuroscience has begun to shine new light on the inter-connectivity of the mind and body and is having an enormous impact on treatment protocols.  

In the first half of my life, I was influenced by the writers, theologians, philosophers and social scientists such as Paul Tillich, Martin Buber, Sören Kierkegaard, Kahlil Gibran, Erik Erikson, and Elizabeth Kübler-Ross.  In recent years, a new generation of teachers accompanied me on my journey and they include Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Caroline Myss, Byron Katie, Brené Brown, Tara Brach, and Martha Beck. Collectively, they are revolutionizing our understanding of pscyho/spiritual growth.

The aging process  offers us a unique opportunity to make profound changes in our lives. Most of us face challenges that give us the impetus to dig deep. They are exciting times and I enjoy working with clients who are willing to work hard and take on the challenge. I take a wholistic approach when working with my clients. Body, mind and spirit are intricately connected, one influencing the other.  My goal is to provide each client with acceptance, understanding and compassionate guidance while fostering change. Support is an integral part of the growing, changing process, and I feel fortunate to be able to accompany the magnificent women I work with in their search for meaning, clarity and self-acceptance. It is a blessing.

 “Embrace the aging process and find your life.”

Mentoring and Coaching are very personal endeavors. They require the right fit of personalities and experience. That is why I always offer a FREE Get-to-Know-Each Other Session, during which we can establish a connection and see if it is a comfortable one!

For more information or to set up an appointment contact Dorothy via AgingAbundantly@gmail.com.  (Please type “Midlife Coaching” in the memo.

Coaching Specials and Packages

JUMP START YOUR LIFE – If you are new to coaching or just need a quick pick-me-up, this is the package for you. It includes one 50 minute session, a 30 minute follow-up session and three follow-up email exchanges, a $250 value for ONLY $99. PLUS: Receive a paperback copy of my book, Aging Abundantly, A Little Book of Hope, my gift to you for taking the leap.

Jump Start Your Life $99

LET’S GET TO IT – You’re ready to get to it, stare down your demons, and begin transforming yourself and your life, from the inside out. This package is for you. It includes six 50 min. sessions, six email exchanges, a paperback copy of Aging Abundantly, A Little Book of Hope, a suggested reading list and six follow-up emails, one exchange after each session.  A $650 value for $499. 

Let’s Get To Work! $499

THE EMAIL OPTION – A perfect option for writers and introverts! Some people are just more comfortable writing than talking! If this is you and you find you express your thoughts and feelings more clearly in an email than on the phone, consider this option: One free planning exchange, plus four in-depth email exchanges on client’s chosen issue(s). Includes an e-book copy of Aging Abundantly, A Little Book of Hope. A $160 value for  $49.  

Email Me! $49



BY THE HOUR – Is always okay too!

$85/50 minute session


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