Dorothy’s Book

Dorothy’s Book

FINDING HOPE: Quotes & Notes for the Midlife Woman

 “This gem of a book is one to read over and over again. Life topics such as change, fear, decision and forgiveness are balanced out with topics of beauty, courage, time, silence, and hope. The author presents quotes and discussion on these life issues and offers, through quotes, addition reading resources. I will treasure this book for many years to come!” ~ Judy Radar

What I especially appreciate about Dorothy Sander’s book, FINDING HOPE, is the user-friendly layout. Divided by subject category (i.e., change, beauty, fear, decision), she’s made it a resource for readers to return to—often—to find what they need in the turn of a page.” ~ Laurie Buchanan, Author of  Note to Self: A Seven Step Path to Gratitude and Growth

“I highly recommend “Finding Hope: Inspiration for The Midlife Journey” by Dorothy J Sander . In the well written book, she reflects on 21 life challenges following each with motivational quotes from many. For this to be my midlife journey I would have to live to 154 yet I find the writings still relate to my continuing journey. The book is a gem to keep close for re-reading. It is like a balm to soothe the rough edges of life.” EE Wilder, Author

“I’ve been a fan of the author’s blogs for some time; Dorothy writes from her heart, and she articulates what many women think and feel but struggle to put into words. This book is a combination of her hard-earned wisdom and quotations that succinctly capture the essence of what it is to be human. Whether you sit down and read it cover to cover or select a particular section that has meaning for you, it’s a must-read as well as a perfect gift for any woman in your life.” ~ C Johnson

“Keep this little book handy for those days you can’t seem to pull yourself up! I always find just what I need when I open this book.” ~ Amazon Reader

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