Dorothy’s Recommended Reading List

Dorothy’s Recommended Reading List

Included in this reading list are the books that I found most helpful during my midlife transformation and beyond. Books change lives and nothing has changed mine more than the one’s I’ve read.  I would love to share every book I believe is worth reading here, but space is limited! 🙂


Most of us face a period of upheaval in our lives somewhere around the start of menopause. For many it is particularly fierce. Our parents are aging and dying, our children are fleeing the nest, our careers are peaking — or not — and our bodies are going through enormous changes once again. When these ingredients are combined, as they often are, we are catapulted into a serious opportunity for change and transformation. I encourage anyone who is in this place to grab hold, hang on and dive deeply. Yes, it will hurt. Yes, it will be challenging. I promise, you won’t regret it. You will be changed in all of the right ways and you will come out more you than ever before.


This is a list of my favorite teachers and guides. Come back now and again as I will keep adding to the list.