Five Practices that Will Change Your Life – A Workshop

Five Practices that Will Change Your Life – A Workshop

Overwhelmed by life?

. . .by stress, fear, uncertainty, indecision?

Has a life change upended your world?

Are you wondering, what’s next?

 Five Practices to Turn Your Life AroundDorothy Sander

“Listening to the Voice of Your Discomfort”

with Dorothy Sander

 Life gets the best of all us sometimes. Problems compound. Unresolved issues accumulate and before we know it we’re primed for a melt down. The longer we live the more likely we are to find ourselves in this place.

When we reach a “certain age” the questions get harder and the answers

 But, I have great news for you! 

This is an awesome place to be!

“You’re crazy!”, you say? No, I’m not. And, I will tell you why.

First, when we’re uncomfortable, we are motivated.  Who wants to suffer? Most of us will do anything to rid ourselves of the discomfort and get back to enjoying our lives.

Second, this is the ONLY place where significant change can take place, life altering change. We have to be able to really see what is wrong in order to fix it.

In this workshop I will introduce you to powerful tools that will help you untangle any web you find yourself stuck in, now and in the future.  These tools will, in fact, serve you for the rest of your life.

Take advantage of your discomfort and change your life. I will show you how.

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Together, we will start getting your life back on track, and you back to living the life you were born to live.


This is a self-paced workshop with optional (but encouraged) participation in a closed Facebook group.  The workshop materials will be delivered over a two-week period, and will begin to arrive within two to three days of registration. The materials will be in pdf format and will include a detailed explanation of each step, suggested practices and detailed worksheets.  In addition, a private Facebook group will be available for questions, discussion and support. The groups are small for maximum interaction.

You do not need to “show up” at any particular time or place. Simply take your time to read through the material, do the practices and worksheets and drop into the group from time to time. I check in with the group on a regular basis and offer additional tips and suggestions beyond what is in the emailed material. It’s the perfect place to ask questions and receive clarification for anything that isn’t making sense.  


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ONLY $50


A 20% discount on the book version of the workshop when published.

(Expected 6/17)

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