Writer’s Meet Up – Active small group of writers, many of them “late-blooming writers” learning and practicing their craft. This group is moderated by Dorothy Sander and Christy Steiger. Christy is an editor and writing instructor.

Aging Abundantly Book Club – 265 members and going strong! We share our favorite books and reviews. Occasionally we do a group read, but mostly we just talk about books.

Aging and the Inner Life – An unaffiliated group for women who wish to participate as sacred witnesses to one another’s spiritual journey; to provide space for sharing, reflection and exchange of ideas and life experiences in an environment of mutual support and encouragement.

new-sign-id-33314Trauma & Transformation – Psycho-Spiritual Healing – I created this group to further awareness, encourage conversation and provide support for those suffering from psycho/spiritual pain. Victims of trauma and abuse, depression and anxiety, stress and decreased resilience, and the physical components that often go hand in hand with these painful conditions.

The field of psycho/spiritual transformation and healing has broken wide open in recent years. So many new avenues of healing and understanding are now available, but sadly, the information and new promising treatments are slow to trickle down to those in need.

It is my belief that there is a powerful need, not only for support, but for readily available guidance and education regarding the nature of various conditions and treatment options.

New methods and models of healing are now being offered and developed, but it is necessary to search hard and be aware to find the newer treatments.

The traditional model of healing is not reaching those who suffer with any efficacy. Medical doctors offer prescription drugs and suggest therapy. Therapists, although this is changing, offer talk therapy which is often insufficient in and of itself.

The pain and suffering caused by childhood trauma and abuse, from neglect to physical abuse, is very, very real. My belief and experience is that a holistic model of healing promises the best results.

This group has no specific religious affiliation, but acknowledges the importance of spirituality in the healing process. Thank you! Dorothy”