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RIPE: Rich, Rewarding Work After 50 by Julia Moulden

RIPE: Rich, Rewarding Work After 50 by Julia Moulden

Are you one of the many women over fifty looking for rich and rewarding work? A job or career that will not only put money in your pocket but meaning in your life?  Julia Moulden provides readers with the necessary guidance and tools to make it happen in her new book RIPE.

A member of the boomer generation Moulden  understands that our quest for work is a personal journey and one that is intimately tied to our quest for something more.  She also understands that most of us aren’t interested in retiring, at least in a traditional way.  We are still very much engaged in life and want to make the most of our fifties, sixties, seventies and beyond.

If you’re “ripe for change”, RIPE will give you a roadmap through the confusion and uncertainty. In a 12-week course, in 12 chapters,  you will be introduced to “essential concepts, inspiring examples and practical exercises designed to help you find your way”. Moulden takes you through the process of self discovery and understanding necessary to move forward in your journey to meaningful work.

Each chapter is broken down into instruction, stories of real people who exemplify the lesson, journal prompts and “spade work”, questions that make you think beneath the surface. If you take the author’s directives to heart, each chapter will keep you busy processing and exploring for at least a week. You certainly could do it faster but absorbing change and self-discovery takes time.

Julia Moulden’s writing style is engaging and upbeat. You won’t find yourself drifting off as she sets a pace that keeps the reader moving forward. I would definitely recommend RIPE, particularly if you are struggling with what to do next in your work or career life, although much applies to other areas of life as well.


Julia Moulden is an author, speaker, and columnist. Her books have sold around the world and been translated into six languages. She is known for anticipating trends – with RIPE as the latest example. Over the course of her career she has written for the world’s most visionary leaders and organizations, including speeches for CEOs, cabinet ministers and celebrities.

As a speaker, Julia is always in demand. People use words like “inspiring” and “unforgettable” to describe her presentations – she’s known for helping people change the way they think about themselves – and our world.


RIPE: Rich, Rewarding Work After 50 – Your Guide to the Next Best Phase of Your Career

WE ARE THE NEW RADICALS: A Manifesto for Reinventing Yourself and Saving the World (McGraw-Hill, New York, 2008)

GREEN IS GOLD: Business Talking to Business About the Environmental Revolution (HarperBusiness, 1991)


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WRITING UP A STORM by Celia Leaman

WRITING UP A STORM by Celia Leaman

Celia Leaman, the author of Writing Up a Storm, is not only a prolific fiction writer but a skilled instructor of the craft of writing. She was one of my first and best writing instructors at Writers Online Workshop from Writer’s Digest and has become a dear friend. Celia is a kind and compassionate teacher who understands the tender heart of the writer, but she is also passionate about using language and structure correctly so as not to take away from the writer’s  intent and meaning.

Growing up in England , she has a delightful sense of humor that weaves its way through her book and gets the reader through difficult patches. Each page is infused with her obvious love of the craft of writing and one can’t help but be infected.  Celia’s creative spirit refuses to rest, whether she is writing a book, gardening at home on her little Canadian island, spinning wool or creating her charming felted critters to sell at the local market.  Celia creates and adds beauty to the world everywhere she goes and is an expert in helping others do the same.

Writing Up a Storm is the perfect companion for anyone who puts pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. You willwant a copy of it in your library. A Global eBook Award Nominee for 2011, Writing Up a Storm is available in both paperback and e-book.

For more information or to purchase your copy of Writing Up a Storm, visit Celia’s Store on Lulu.


  • Mary’s Child – Kitty grows up feeling she doesn’t belong to the couple who call themselves her parents, so when she meets the man who makes her feel as though she does belong, she follows her dream. But that dream becomes a nightmare when she discovers who he really is.
  • Past Present I: Web of Lies – It isn’t Anne Graham’s dream of becoming a best-selling author that makes her go astray, but the older, worldly man who promises her success who leads her down the wrong path. Watching her every move is a sinister beholder, who will kill the person he loves rather than see Anne succeed where he has failed.
  • The Winnowed Woman – Just how much can one person bear? In The Winnowed Woman, through essays, poems and recollections of less happier times, we are shown how one woman arrives at accepting the changes that come knocking at her door. Divorce can happen to anyone, female or male. It isn’t the event that is the challenge, but how a person deals with it.
  • Unraveled – No one could be more innocent than Millicent, who has always kept the promise of her wedding vows until she finds she has been grossly deceived. Casting care to the wind, she embarks on a new, exciting journey that will lead to an ultimate destination of fresh love and self-fulfillment.

For more information visit Celia’s website: Still Writing

Entering the Age of Elegance

Entering the Age of Elegance

Chloe Jon Paul

Travel through your “rite of passage” into the “age of elegance” with Chloe Jon Paul as your guide. Entering the Age of Elegance, written in the format of a travel guide, presents a detailed itinerary and plenty of guidance for a well planned journey.  Jon Paul discusses every conceivable aspect of aging, some you may have already addressed and others you may never have thought to consider.There is something for everyone interested in handling the aging process with intention and purpose in order to arrive at what Jon Paul views as the destination, becoming an “elegant woman”.

Chole Jon Paul’s vision of the elegant aging woman is an appealing one, matching well the sensibilities of the modern sixty something woman. The “elegant woman” is confident, demure, and in charge-of-herself, like Maya Angelou, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Meryl Streep.  While the forty or fifty something modern woman might find herself a bit out of step with Jon Paul’s dipiction, Entering the Age of Elegance is still a useful, information packed guide for the weary traveler.

The book takes a pragmatic approach to a wide range of topics, yet dips daringly beneath the surface of the every day, run-of-the mill how-to book. Jon Paul provides enough references materials, websites to visit, books to read and things to think about to take us beyond the grave. She dares to approach even the most difficult topics head on, such as the fear of becoming a burden, losing ones mental and physical capabilities, and even death, the last frontier.

Chloe Jon Paul’s book is indeed a Practical Guide for the Modern Maturing Woman as the subtitle suggests and well worth the purchase price. If you are feeling stuck or uneasy about any part of the aging process, this book will provides plenty of suggestions on how to take the next step in your journey. It is a book you will use as a reference guide for years to come.

Chloe Jon Paul, M.Ed., is a retired educator and has written several published articles and a previous book entitled “What Happens Next: A Family Guide to Nursing Home Visits.

Her many achievements since the age of 55 include:

  • Title of Ms. Maryland Senior America 2003
  • Recipient of the Fulbright Fellowship Seminars Abroad award to South Africa, 1996
  • Volunteer internship during the 2005 Maryland legislative session as a Legacy Leadership Institute graduate
  • Lead facilitator for the Alternatives to Violence Project in prison and community workshops on conflict resolution for ten years
  • State representative for the National Family Caregivers Association’s caregiver community action network 2006-2008
  • Advisory board member: MD, Healthcare Commission and the Interagency Commission for Aging Services: Maryland Dept. of Aging
  • Hospice and homeless shelter volunteer
  • Coordinator for the Good Samaritan Project at her church
  • World traveler – all 7 continents
  • Format: Softcover
    ISBN 13: 978-1-935097-05-1
    LCCN: 2008911363
    Publication Date: 2/23/2009
    Pages: 134
    Trim Size: 8.8 X 5.9 X 0.4 inches

    List Price: $12.95


    THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50 by Barbara Grufferman

    THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50 by Barbara Grufferman

    Barbara Hannah Grufferman’s book should be wrapped in brightly colored wrapping paper, tied up with a fashionable bow and handed to every woman on her fiftieth birthday. (Later is okay too!) The Best of Everything After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money, and More is written in Barbara’s typical no-nonsense, down to earth, get-my-questions answered approach to life and it’s positively refreshing. Offering expert answers to the questions all women ask as we age, or wish we had asked, the reader feels like she has received a crash course in sanity.

    We read and hear something new every day about what we should and shouldn’t do to stay healthy, what we should and shouldn’t wear, what we should and shouldn’t expect from our sex life after fifty. But what is the bottom line? What are our real options? What do we, as women over fifty, really need to pay attention to? What questions should we ask our doctors? What tests can we take to be proactive about our health? What should we wear when we go out with friends? We are not our mothers, but who are we?

    The Best of Everything After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money, and More is informative but not tedious, practical yet upbeat. It’s easy to read and I, for one, walked away feeling like I had just had my feet planted firmer on the ground. It may not answer the big life questions that I think way too much about, but it addresses head on the troublesome worries that are, at the very least, in the back of all of our minds. Getting these concerns out in front of us is the perfect way to begin to take control of our health and figure out what the heck to put on when we dress for our nephew’s wedding.

    It’s easy to feel out of step with our bodies, our wardrobe, our sense of financial security as we cross into the over fifty arena. Barbara assures us that we do not need to feel insecure or uneasy. We still can be the take charge, sexy, fashionable and healthy women we have always been. We just have to do it a little differently and there’s no time like the present to begin to align our outside with our inside and our inside with our outside. We are, after all, women…hear us roar!

    BRAVO Barbara! No wonder you’re getting so much press!


    Keep up with Barbara’s latest articles on her website, The Best of Everything After 50,  The Huffington Post where she writes about Life After 50 and on AARP and AARP YouTube.

    On Twitter: @BGrufferman

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    SUE INGEBRETSON ~ Author of FibroWHYalgia

    SUE INGEBRETSON ~ Author of FibroWHYalgia

    Sue Ingebretson has been studying health issues, and fibromyalgia in particular, for fourteen years. Committed to helping others afflicted with chronic illness, she serves as the director of program development for the Fibromyalgia Research and Education Center at California State University, Fullerton. She has collaborated in an assortment of community education projects with local support groups and the National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA) to promote education and understanding of chronic illness.

    She has written articles for the NFA’s online and print magazine, Fibromyalgia AWARE, which offers advice, research news, treatment options, and lifestyle tips for fibromyalgia patients. She lives in Anaheim, California, with her husband and her 9 ½ pound Sheltie, Foxy. Sue is available for speaking engagements.
    Susan Ingebretson is a writer, speaker and the director of program development for the Fibromyalgia Research and Education Center at California State University, Fullerton. Her book, FibroWHYalgia, details her own journey from illness to wellness. Ingebretson’s writing has appeared in the National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA) online and print magazine, FibromyalgiaAware. Susan is also featured in the NFA’s Public Service Announcement, The Science Behind Fibromyalgia.

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    GRAVY DAYS by Sue Ann Crockett

    GRAVY DAYS by Sue Ann Crockett

    Sue Ann Crockett is a delight both on and off the page. Her enthusiasm for life is infectious and her smile and wit light up the room. A newspaper columnist and freelance writer, lives in the Pacific Northwest where her award-winning Gravy Days column appears in The Ferndale Record. In her spare time she blogs on her website Gravy Days and is a regular contributor to Women Etcetera!, a website for women over fifty. She was a blogger with me on Women Etcetera!, the very first forum for women over fifty back when the internet was just in its infancy. She has been an inspiration to me ever since. Her sense of humor couple with her depth makes anything she writes worth reading.

    Gravy Days is a must read for every woman over fifty. She brings the journey into aging into focus while making you laugh. An excellent review of Gravy Days can be found here.