GOING GYPSY or How to Escape Old Age & Survive


I have followied Veronica and David James of Gypsynester fame since they first flew the empty nest and ventured into the world of life on the road. I admired there chutzpah and their sense of humor, not to mention their upbeat outlook on life. It was a breath of fresh air. … Continue reading

Living with Mental Illness and Surviving Suicide – One Mother’s Story

Leaving the Hall Lights On

Leaving the Hall Light On  A Mother’s Memoir of Living with Her Son’s Bipolar Disorder and Surviving His Suicide is the powerful, heart wrenching story of one women’s journey through 17 years of heartbreak and struggle. It is a story of strength and courage, creative genius and despair. Madeline shares her confusion and … Continue reading

Still Time to Re-Think Your New Year’s Resolutions!

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION #1: LOSE WEIGHT? How About Losing Your Girly Thoughts? By Patricia O’Gorman, PhD   You have just spent most of the last two months cooking, buying gifts, wrapping them, entertaining, and, of course, eating all those wonderful holiday treats. But now the holidays are over and the new … Continue reading

Rediscovering Your Gifts

We each carry within us a treasure. Living deep inside, it is a quiet place where we can go to find our untarnished heart and a soul that is still pure. We once knew this place, our place where there is peace and understanding, wisdom and strength, though it may … Continue reading

Health News ~ Are We Taking too Many Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs?

As women over fifty, it is often difficult to discern truth from fiction when it comes to treating our physical concerns. Which aches and pains should we do something about? Which discomforts come with age and which should we consult on with a physician? Should we be taking the medications … Continue reading

Cures for “Midlife Madness Fatigue”

There’s a lesson to be learned by those just beginning their journey into midlife from my experiences that I describe in Midlife Madness. The most important of which is that it’s time to fasten your seat belt and hold on for dear life! You’re in for the ride of your … Continue reading

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