Let Go and Let Love

  Simple words. Not always a simple matter. Letting go. It’s the hardest thing in the world to do. We seem to have been born to want to change things, to improve them, make them better. We are driven to fix the broken within ourselves and within others. We can … Continue reading

What Does Abundance Mean to You?

What signifies abundance is unique for each individual. It depends on circumstances, frame of mind, our history, our openness to receiving and so much more.  This was brought home to me last week when I participated in a guided imagery session. It was a very interesting meditation! As we relaxed … Continue reading

The Gift of Age

Living just for today can be a real challenge for those of us who have lived our lives immersed in western culture. Every where we turn we hear messages, reminders, and indicators that unless we are moving forward at break neck speed we are not really living. Buddha, and others, … Continue reading

Cures for “Midlife Madness Fatigue”

There’s a lesson to be learned by those just beginning their journey into midlife from my experiences that I describe in Midlife Madness. The most important of which is that it’s time to fasten your seat belt and hold on for dear life! You’re in for the ride of your … Continue reading

Aging Abundantly’s ~ A Little Book of Hope

“Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly. “A Little Book of Hope” is a pocketful of inspiration for the woman at midlife and beyond. Filled with quotes and powerful vignettes, it is designed to inspire and uplift the reader and provides the perfect  companion for the … Continue reading

Mom’s 100th Birthday

Today is my mother’s 100th Birthday. Though she did not live to blow out the conflagration on her birthday cake, I think she would have liked to. All things being equal, the world conspired against that eventuality. My mother was a woman who saw little in her life’s accomplishments, though … Continue reading

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