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66 Things I’m Grateful for on My 66th Birthday

66 Things I’m Grateful for on My 66th Birthday

Today is the perfect opportunity for me to shine a little light on some of the good things in life. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, helpless and hopeless during these chaotic times. For that reason it’s important for each of us to make an effort to look away from the darkness and remind ourselves of all the beauty and goodness that still exists, even when we’re not paying attention to it. I can’t help but to think of the words of Buddha:

Quote by Buddha

This year I’d like to feel and attract more of the things in this list, not in what I see and take in every day in the news.


I am grateful for:

  1. Another birthday to celebrate.
  2. 66 years of learning, growing, struggling and becoming. What a gift!
  3. My husband, who shines a light on my heart every single day. He’s my rock.
  4. My first-born son. A gift. He gifts me with heady conversation and deep reflection.
  5. My second born son. A treasure. His gift to me is compassion and intuition.
  6. My daughter-in-law. A gem. She gifts me with laughter and enthusiasm for life and love.
  7. My soon-to-be-D-I-L. A sparkling star. Her gift to my life is joy and curiosity.
  8. My siblings. Each one brings something unique to my life and is a thread in the tapestry of my life.
  9. My female friends. Each one has taught me something important about myself and what it means to truly love and care about another human being.
  10. The love of furry friends who offer comfort and an opportunity to practice patience.
  11. My many teachers who have open doors I never even knew existed.
  12. A comfortable home and the many blessings it holds.
  13. The opportunity to live in a country that is rich beyond imaging for a majority of the world and one that cherishes higher values at its core.
  14. The opportunity to stretch our boundaries and grow as a nation in the midst of strife.
  15. The many men and women who fought, suffered and died in an effort to birth what we now have in the US.
  16. The women  in all walks of life who have stood up for equality and paved the road for the women today.
  17. And the women who continue to do battle in their own personal lives today to ensure a better future for tomorrow’s women.
  18. Poets, writers, musicians and artists of all types who show us our soul.
  19. The gift off creativity and inspiration that drives me every day to push my edges.
  20. Technology that brings people together and exposes us to our shadow.
  21. To live in a time of discovery.
  22. Comfort – ruining water and electricity that provide warmth in winter and cool air in summer.
  23. Glorious flowers, shrubs and trees that beautiful the landscape.
  24. Rugged mountains symbolizing strength and endurance and invoke the same in me.
  25. The sweet smell of ocean tides that refresh my spirit.
  26. The rhythmic sound of waves crashing on the beach nudging me toward a meditative mind.
  27. Mystery and mysticism – the gift of the unknown that calls to each of us.
  28. The enduring power of love in all of its manifestations.
  29. For rivers, streams, and spring waters.NC Waterfalls
  30. The healing power body work professionals, whose training and spirit provides comfort and renewal to
  31. Farmers who till the soil and care for livestock day in and day out to put food on our table.
  32. For the conservation minded who have pushed us to be responsible citizens in the care of Mother Earth.
  33. And the kind-hearted souls who look after wounded animals, stray and neglected pets.
  34. For doctors and modern medicine that give hope to the sick.
  35. Modern equipment that has provided medical treatments not available before.
  36. For scientists and researchers who work tirelessly to find answers to unanswered questions.
  37. Philosophers, theologians, psychologists, sociologists and historians who look for understanding to life’s big questions.
  38. Games, movies, and entertainment.
  39. The freedom to travel.
  40. Snow, sleet, rain and sun that enliven the human spirit and make things grow.
  41. The gift of darkness so we can appreciate light.
  42. Hard times that lead us toward transformation.
  43. Words that help me express my gratitude and all the thoughts that live in my head.
  44. A comfortable bed with soft sheets and fluffy pillows.
  45. Clocks. They help me live in a world that requires I know time.
  46. Naps.
  47. Coffee, wine and ice cream!
  48. Restaurants that provide me with an opportunity to taste foods I would not otherwise taste!
  49. The French Bakery and the charming baker himself!
  50. Universities, colleges and schools that have and continue to enlighten generations of children and young adults.
  51. People who invest in the arts and help to create great venues like Lincoln Center and The Kennedy Center.
  52. For museums that help us hold onto our history.
  53. For green grass and butterflies.
  54. Bees and birds that delight while they pollinate and transport seeds!
  55. The deer who trim my shrubs and keep the rabbits and mice company.
  56. Personal computers that have made it possible for me to become a writer.
  57. Washers, dryers, dishwashers, toasters, blenders, coffee makers and so many other appliances that have made our lives so much easier.
  58. For essential oils and products of the earth that our bringing what’s natural back into our lives.
  59. Rocks, stones and gems; their beauty, strength and grounding ability.
  60. Rock bands, orchestras, choruses and all who gather together to create music
  61. Instruments that inspire and assist them
  62. The frontier – there is always a frontier.
  63. Churches, cathedrals, temples erected to glorify something greater than ourselves for their ability to provide comfort and shelter to those who suffer.
  64. Chocolate. 🙂
  65. Traditions, holidays and time set aside for family and celebration
  66. Campfires, tents and s’mores.

That’s it!

© Dorothy Sander 2017

A Grateful Heart

A Grateful Heart

Jim Daly  (66)I am grateful for the loving force that comes into the hearts of men and women around the globe inspiring them to reach out to the broken hearted, the poor, the hungry, and all who suffer; for humble servants of truth and compassion who break down walls and free those in bondage; for knowledge and wisdom that opens minds and lays to rest the fears of ignorance; for the abundant grace of nature and the winnowing force it sometimes brings to bear upon our arrogance, taming and teaching us the lessons of humility and strength. I am grateful for the sacred beauty and magnificence of music and art and the souls that create it; for the gift of hearing, for sight and physical sensation that allows us to take it in and to be transformed by it;  for the gift of grace and understanding extended by loved ones; for mothers and fathers who do their best to embody unconditional love and provide a safe and secure environment for children; for the innocence of children who do not yet know the constraints, restrictions and taboos of the adult and who embody joy and freedom, play and unbridled expression; for sweet smelling babies and their warm, cuddly soft bodies; for faithful pets who sometimes take better care of us than we of them. Most of all, I am grateful for life and love, for the rich and varied experiences they have given me, and the opportunity to share what has been born within me with others. I have been truly blessed.Happy Thanksgiving,