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There are No Words – Day #3

There are No Words – Day #3

Caroline Myss QuoteI’m rarely at a loss for words, at least in written form, for today I find myself on a plateau of some sort. Yesterday, from about 3 o’clock on was torture, in some sort of nebulous, nondescript  way . I was hungry but I didn’t want to eat. I didn’t want anymore of what was on the okay list, and I really didn’t want what was on the not okay list. I woke up this morning thinking maybe I just should not eat at all today, but I’m putting one foot in front of the other, one sip or mouthful at a time and moving on.


Life after all is all about change and moving on. Nothing eve remains the same. If it does, I don’t know about you, but  I get really antsy or depressed. It seems we were designed to change and grow. From the midlife point on, I feel as though I’ve done a life time of growing – emotionally and spiritually.  Things I wanted so desperately to understand and incorporate into my  life at a very young age, are now seeming to make sense and fall in place.

I sometimes feel lately as if I was handed a gift when I was born, but didn’t have a clue what to do with it, or what it meant;  a beautiful, warm and sunny orb in the palm of my hand, that I tossed hither and yon like a hot potato, and too often put in a box out of sight. It lives and breathes with me a little more every day. I carry it with me close to my heart and often stand in awe of it.  I know if I allow it to be…if I let it warm and guide me…it will lead me where I need to go.

I believe we are all born with such a gift. Our task in life is simply to bring it out into the open and share its warmth with others.

I hope you will allow your golden orb to shine light and warmth into your world today.


“The journey of becoming conscious is not the capacity to get an angel to show up on your doorstep. The journey is to live the mystery and do it with spiritual elegance. To live the mystery and make choices while in the mystery that reflect that you have faith in a divine hand operating behind this all the time.”  Caroline Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit

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I’m A Coward – Day #1

I’m A Coward – Day #1

scared-catI may as well admit it right up front. When push comes to shove I’d much prefer to hide under the covers. The evidence is right here on this blog that I started in January. It’s now March. So much for “manifesting me”! Here’s what happened.

I wrote the poem, posted my first quote and was somehow, immediately and without a care in the world (ha!) swept away by my new quote site. My creative genius friend caught wind of what I was doing and between the two of us, spinning in the ever-widening circles of our imaginations, created a tempest in a teapot!

Now, I’m back here, two months later, taking another stab at “manifesting me”. I am beginning a new project on a new day. That one is over there somewhere doing it’s thing and I will continue to work away on it, but….is it me? No, not really. In fact, it’s an extreme example of what I swore off when I started this blog…curating! You see, in my soul I’m a coward. Afraid to be me. Afraid to live an authentic life. I much prefer to hide under the cover of other people’s brilliance. Here, I will not do that.

Today is another new beginning. Another attempt to stick my head out of my hiding place and pull from inside of me what lies hidden there. I am taking another step in my healing and wholeness project, that began in earnest after my car accident. Today, I am embarking upon the healing of the body piece.  It begins with a 14 day “cleanse”.

How I hate all of this modern-day crap! Seriously. Not that the idea of ridding my body of all the icky stuff that shouldn’t be there, and I can tell by looking in the mirror that there’s an awful lot of it, it’s just  that the idea of anything radical involving my body has me shaking in my boots. I’ve had far too many experiences with radical physical change and suffering in my life to think that it could ever be good. I like things to remain in some sort of status quo, even if not perfect. Sadly, my intellect disagrees.

As I sat in Crystal’s office yesterday, passively nodding and shaking my head as she knowingly described the state of my “Rebellious Liver” (among other things) and spelled out every gory detail of her proposed Wellness Strategy for me, I thought I was game. After all I felt like bloody hell. It was time to take this step.

I’ve done a ton of psycho/spiritual work, but apart from chiropractic adjustments and massage, the body part of the mind/body/soul connection is clearly still out in left field.  I know it’s time.  I left her office with two bags of supplements and a notebook of information, schedules, protocols and fill-in the blank daily record sheets. I was ready to begin, not the least bit excited about the prospect, but determined to put one foot in front of the other. When I left her office I was more focused on when and how I’d fit in my last ice cream binge. I would start tomorrow.

Well, today is tomorrow. I did have my hot fudge sundae after my hamburger and french fries dinner last night, but I can’t say I enjoyed it. After last week’s mega stressors (husband’s car accident, nature’s tree pruning) my body has fallen back into full-blown PTSD mode. Which means that my digestion has pretty much stopped. Not a good feeling. I worked hard to convince myself that I was enjoying my last splurge in a gallant effort to motivate and prepare myself for today.

When I woke up this morning, however,  everything in me said, NO! Can’t do it. Don’t want to do it. The only structure I have in my life right now is my morning coffee, my fruit and yogurt for lunch and my after dinner decaf with flavored cream. She wants me to give up ALL OF IT! “Hell no” were the only two words that played in my mind throughout the early morning hours before I was quite awake.

When Scott met me at the bathroom door with a steaming hot cup of coffee at daybreak, I grabbed it. (Sorry, Crystal!)  I sipped and savored it  with much more enjoyment than usual. As I did, I began to formulate a plan. I’d follow some of the protocol. I’d work up to it, a little bit at a time. That makes much more sense! After all it can’t be good to shock the system with all that healthy stuff all at once! My body might shut down entirely! It wouldn’t know what to do!

photo (24)I put off breakfast as long as possible. I changed my routine and walked Rowdy first. When I returned I put the water on to boil for a soft-boiled egg. This morning it would be minus the toast and plus the gacky green stuff mixed with water. Okay, I’ll see if I can get through the breakfast menu.

I ate the egg first, sprinkled with a little salt. This was food I recognized and understood. My stomach needed a layer of normalcy before I put all the “natural stuff” in it. Once consumed I knew it was time. I blocked as many of my senses as I could (mentally at least) and mixed up the green stuff. (The manufacturers have the nerve to label the container “PERFECT FOOD”! Certainly not my idea of perfect food…and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t God’s notion when he created our lovely green earth and all its frozen yogurt shops.)

I took a deep breath of courage and did my very best to bypass all of my senses as I swallowed and guzzled as much of it as I could, as fast as I could, before my body knew what hit it. Good? Hell, no! Disgusting? eh, manageable. I’m two-thirds of the way through the concoction as we speak, and I’ve taken all of my prescribed supplements. So far I’m still standing. But, that was just breakfast! Oi!

This insanity is designed to give me energy, to help my body cope with the effects of PTSD and too many years of stress, and basically just to feel better.  I’m pretty sure I can’t keep going on the way I was.  So here goes. Hopefully I’ll be back again tomorrow with an update.

Dorothy Sander 3/12/14

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Still Time to Re-Think Your New Year’s Resolutions!

Still Time to Re-Think Your New Year’s Resolutions!


How About Losing Your Girly Thoughts?

By Patricia O’Gorman, PhD  

You have just spent most of the last two months cooking, buying gifts, wrapping them, entertaining, and, of course, eating all those wonderful holiday treats. But now the holidays are over and the new year is here. This might mean you’re now dealing with higher-than-comfortable credit cards bills and a larger-than-comfortable waistline or bottom. 

New Year’s Resolutions 

Enter the New Year’s Resolution. Here you have the opportunity to begin anew, to make conscious decisions that will improve your life—and for many of us, this is to lose weight, especially the weight we just gained over the holidays. Goals are good. There is nothing wrong with having weight loss as a goal, but how you go about fulfilling this particular goal will make 2014 either a great year or another year where you start out strong and fizzle fast.

Your desire to lose weight is just what the multi-billion-dollar diet industry has been waiting for. You are reminded to try the latest quick-loss diet plan through ads on TV and by magazines at the grocery checkout (as you’re tempted by the most delicious-looking desserts in those same places). But will that newest plan really work for you? Maybe it’s time to look deeper at what caused your weight gain in the first place.

How About Losing Some Stress? 

Yes, stress. Those extra pounds did not come from nowhere. You are probably a stress eater. This means when you feel stress, you do something to relieve it, and that may mean eating or drinking to just calm down.

When you feel stressed, you feel you deserve that brownie; it has your name on it, doesn’t it? After all, desserts is just stressed spelled backward!

Consider this scenario: You’ve had a really bad day at work. You deserve a beer or that glass of white wine . . . or two. As part of the eating frenzy that is a family dinner, your kids want spaghetti—seconds, even—and if they’re going to have seconds, you will as well.

Stress is a given in your life. But to lose or reduce it, you need to figure out what is stressing you.

Dieting Stresses You Even More 

If you are a stress eater, if you eat as a way of calming yourself, dieting only increases your stress because you are taking away your stress reducer. This is why diets do not work. Dieting increases your stress. You are now in a no-win situation.

 The Stress of Girly Thoughts 

Focusing on reducing a negative way you are dealing with stress is one strategy. But a strategy with an even bigger pay-off and no back-end payout is to reduce your stress level. And what stresses women out? All those societal messages—those girly thoughts—that tell us we are

  • too fat
  • too young
  • too old
  • too aggressive
  • too smart
  • too boring 

So is it any surprise that you take solace in something that gives give you immediate satisfaction, like eating or drinking? But what if there was something you could do that would accomplish the same thing? Something that would calm you down, give you satisfaction, with no calories?

Challenging Your Stressful Girly Thoughts—A Zero-Calorie Solution 

Learning to talk back to that negative inner dialogue where your girly thoughts are found is one way to do that. How does this work?

  • Identify what is causing you stress. If it is your girly thoughts, then name them. Naming something for what it is gives us power over it. 
  • Don’t let a thought determine how you feel. Don’t feel if this, then that. Having a negative girly thought, or any negative thought, does not have to determine how you feel. It is, after all, just a thought. 
  • Tell your girly thoughts to take a hike. You can choose to not indulge a negative thought about yourself. Instead you can: 
  • tell your girly thought to get lost
  • treat your girly thought lightly, thanking it for its wisdom but saying you’re not interested
  • invite yourself to think of something else, something more pleasant, such as a massage or sitting on the beach 

None of us can control what pops into our minds, but we can control what we allow to be there rent-free.

We can control what we think, and by doing so we can reduce our stress, cut down on our stress eating and drinking, and save some money on all those worthless diet books that we rarely read anyway.

So for a real New Year’s ResolutionSTOP THINKING THOSE GIRLY THOUGHTS! 

Dr. Patricia GormanDr. Patricia O’Gorman, Ph.D is an internationally-recognized public speaker known for her warm, funny, and inspiring presentations, coach, psychologist, and a consultant to Lifescape Solutions in Delray Beach, Florida. She is noted for her work on women, children of alcoholics, and trauma, in the child welfare, mental health, and substance abuse systems. She is in private practice in New York.  READ MORE

Author of eight books including: 

Healing Trauma Through Self-Parenting (2012)
12 Steps to Self-Parenting (celebrating 25 years in print)
Coming in April in 2014:  Out Your Girly Thoughts . . . Embrace Your Strength
Four Cheese Ziti Marinara by Healthy Choice – A Review

Four Cheese Ziti Marinara by Healthy Choice – A Review

I had the opportunity to sample a Healthy Choice Baked Entree last night, thanks to Vibrant Nation and being a part of the Vibrant Nation Influencer Network. Somehow they discovered that I love to give my opinion on products and even fill out surveys now and again for free. It gives me a sense of power in an environment where I continually feel powerless – the grocery store!

I love Italian food of all kind so, I chose Four Cheese Ziti Marinara. Looks yummy, doesn’t it?


All frozen dinners are microwaveable these days and this was no exception. I was thrilled to have something quick and easy to cook for dinner, because I was on my own. I popped it in the microwave per the instructions and then on a plate. The weight loss pundits always tell you to make sure your food looks attractive and appetizing; that the experience of eating is important to feeling satisfied; so I pulled out one of my favorite plates, added what was left of my spinach salad from lunch, and scooped the Ziti onto the plate. I poured myself a glass of Merlot and headed to the deck to enjoy my meal outside on a rare cool and dry evening.

As I munched away, all I could think of was how far frozen meals have come since the last time I ate one. It’s reassuring to someone like me, who hates to count calories and hates to cook, to have a healthy, easy-to-prepare meal ready to eat in a flash. It takes all the guess work and hassle out of eating healthy.  Plus, I had Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt waiting for me in the freezer for dessert. I enjoyed the meal from beginning to end. Thank you Vibrant Nation and Healthy Choice for inviting me to dinner!

If you would like to try any of the many new Healthy Choice Baked Entrees or Greek Frozen Yogurt, you will find money saving coupons from Healthy Choice by following this link:HealthyChoiceVNOffiers

DISCLOSURE: As a participating member  in the Vibrant Influencer Network Healthy Choice campaign, I have been provided with free products and remuneration in exchange for my honest opinions about the products. All opinions are my own and were not influenced, nor reviewed, by Healthy Choice prior to posting. DS




Are You Hooked on Ice Cream? A Healthy Choice

Crustless Chicken Pot Pie – Remember When We Used to Eat Chicken Pot Pie?



Remember When We Used to Eat Chicken Pot Pie?

Remember When We Used to Eat Chicken Pot Pie?

3741-crustless-chicken-pot-pieI have to confess, I am not the cook in our family. I’ve been the self-designated dish washer and kitchen cleaner-upper since a month or two into our marriage thirty something years ago. For a brief  period of time I tried  to be my mother, but when my husband shook some sense into me by saying, “Look, I love to cook!”, there was no looking back. He’s been our chef for any and every occasion ever since.

The down side to this arrange are the evenings when I am on my own for dinner. I’m good to go with breakfast and lunch but I glaze over when it comes to dinner. I usually just repeat lunch, or slip into our local health food store and pick up a salad, but there are some nights I’d rather stay home and have a hot meal.

So, I was happy to give Healthy Choice meals a try, thanks to Vibrant Nation and their invitation to be a part of their most recent Influencer Network campaign. (Disclosure: Every now and then the Vibrant Nation Influencer Network members are asked to sample a product and write an honest review. That I can do!)

Last night, my sons nabbed my husband and whisked him off to see some testosterone laden movie that I would lock myself in a closet before seeing. (Besides I love my quiet nights alone and all the choices that come with it!) Once the dust settled and they were off, I pulled my Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer out of the freezer and read the directions. Wow! So easy! Perfect! Just pop it into the microwave and dinner is served! My kind of meal.

I chose the Crustless Chicken Pot Pie because I haven’t had a classic chicken pot pie since I read the ingredients twenty years ago. I was pretty sure there would be little 3741-crustless-chicken-pot-piecomparison between the two products but for the sake of nostalgia I gave it a whirl. I was right, of course, but the meal was flavorful and satisfying and only 300 calories (room for dessert!).  In spite of the 560 mg of Sodium, a little more salt was needed as it was a bit bland. Next time I think I’ll try one of the Asian meals. I probably won’t buy this particular item again, but I will try some of the other ones. After all, it’s tough to replace a real calorie laden, old fashioned frozen chicken pot pie!

On to desert! Here’s what I had: Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt

For money saving coupons from Healthy Choice click on this link: HealthyChoiceVNOffiers

DISCLOSURE: As a participating member  in the Vibrant Influencer Network Healthy Choice campaign, I have been provided with free products and remuneration in exchange for my honest opinions about the products. All opinions are my own and were not influenced, nor reviewed, by Healthy Choice prior to posting. DS

Are You Hooked on Ice Cream? A Healthy Choice

Are You Hooked on Ice Cream? A Healthy Choice

I am always in the market for healthy, low-cal, quick and easy meals, so when I was invited, as a member of the Vibrant Nation Influencer Network, to sample several Healthy Choice frozen products I was happy to sign on. I’ve purchased a few Healthy Choice products over the years and have always had a positive experience,  but it had been a long time since I bought anything, when I headed to the store.  The first item we were invited to try was Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt. Sounded good to me!

I decided to go to Harris Teeter (which is mostly in the Southeast and was also recently purchased by Kroger) because they have the best selection of products. I wasn’t sure if this item would be an every day staple at some of the other chains. (I will check that out for you and let you know in future posts, when I review additional products.) I found the Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt in the ice cream section, where I noticed that several other yogurt companies are also now offering frozen Greek yogurt products. I’ve fallen in love with Greek yogurt and apparently, everyone else has too! I understand that Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt is sometimes found in the section with their frozen dinner items.

The flavors available to me were Strawberry, Raspberry (my choice), Blueberry and Vanilla. Their newest flavors are Dark Fudge Swirl and Honey Swirl, but may not be available in some stores. I was excited to try this item because I’m an ice cream junky who tries to watch her weight. So at 100 calories, 1.5 g of fat and 4 g of protein, I was psyched. They come in 4 oz individual serving cups.

My first response was: mmmm very creamy; my second:  a little bite like some Greek yogurt tends to have and not something I especially like, but you may; my third was:  mmmm creamy, my fourth: yummy raspberry flavor; my fifth: mmmm creamy; my last: I think I’ll enjoy eating the other two left in the freezer. They come in the packages of three. Next time I’m going to try blueberry. Even though the 4 oz looked small when I started, it was plenty and very filling. The perfect nighttime snack…or afternoon snack..or maybe even for lunch! Like I said, I’ an ice cream junky.

In all honesty, I would suggest if you have a sweet tooth like me, but are working hard to stay healthy, you give this product a try. You will find a $1.00 coupon on the Healthy Choice website and a tool to locate a store near you who sells this item. If you try it, let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your feedback.

Stay tuned for my honest review of two more Healthy Choice products:

The week of August 19th: Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers

The week of September 2: Healthy Choice Entrees


Disclosure: I a participating in a Vibrant Influencer Network Healthy Choice campaign. I have been provided with free products and remuneration in exchange for my honest opinions about the products. All opinions are my own and were not influenced, nor reviewed, by Healthy Choice prior to posting. DS