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Dare to Dream Another Dream

Will you dare to dream another dream?  I meet women over 50 everyday who are dreaming big. They are changing their lives, and perhaps more importantly, they are changing the way they look at life. It’s exciting, and, it energizes everyone around them.  Letting go of regrets and expectations, they are grabbing onto to the moment with […]

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soul self
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When the world knocks you about and you feel as though you’re living in a foreign land, come home to your soul self.  It is always there, waiting for you.  You will recognize it as the place inside of you that is safe, familiar, and always sane. We all have this place . . . the core, essential, […]

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William James Quote
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Why Do We Make Life So Complicated?

  Most of us live and act as if life is a complicated nightmare, a giant puzzle that is up to us to figure out.  I must confess that I enjoy the puzzling, wondering, figuring, learning of it all in my peaceful moments. I do not, however, enjoy the confusion, pain, anxiety and fear that often precipitates it and […]

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Midlife Transformation

The Fertile Ground of Shattered Dreams

Our beautiful maple tree lies in pieces on our front lawn, as the blossom laden magnolia looks on. This magnificent tree had its home in the very center of our front yard, and I watched as it grew from a tiny sapling to a large, spreading beauty that garnered the attention of strangers with cameras […]

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