Depression – The Masks We Wear and How to Remove Recognize Them

Luxurious Mask by Luckynick

Depression is often characterized as a deep sense of hopelessness. It typically arises after a devastating rejection, disappointment or loss. I described a little of my experience with depression in my recent posts,  Living Under the Cloud and  A Crack in the Night Sky. Depression, however, set down its roots … Continue reading

Sandy – A Crack in the Night Sky

touch the pain

LIFE UNDER THE CLOUD (Previous Post) SANDY – A Crack in the Night Sky Sometimes it just happens. The black sky cracks open and a beam of light shines in. It’s always when and where we least expect it. Sandy was that light for me then. She reached inside of … Continue reading

I STILL Honor You Robin Williams – July 21, 1951 to August 11, 2014

Robin Williams

Too little has been said about Robin Wiliams’ suicide. Too little has been done to honor his life. I sense a world uncertain and confused about how to respond to his suicide, or how they “should” feel, and so they remain silent. Still caught in the archaic notion that depression and suicide … Continue reading

Depression – Fighting the Battle

Cineraria flower

There is no way to measure the pain of depression. There are no blood tests, x-rays, or questionnaires to determine beyond a shadow of a doubt whether or not an individual is suffering from depression. There are educated guesses. There are circumstances suggesting the possibility and likelihood of its presence. How … Continue reading

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