Our Thoughts, Our Choice

Byron Katie quote

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” William James It’s Monday, but it doesn’t feel like Monday. It feels like Tuesday or Wednesday. I lost a few days last week due to a stomach virus and worked over the weekend to catch up. I’m pretty … Continue reading

THE MONEY CODE – Improve Your Entire Financial Life Right Now by John Duran

The Money Code

Women of our generation have been struggling to find their “fiscal identity” for a long time. Launched into the job market at an early age, we carried the baggage of the benevolent caregiver we inherited from previous generations. Twenty and thirty years later, we still sometimes  find ourselves feeling uncomfortable … Continue reading


money issues

Women, particularly women over fifty, have an uneasy relationship with money. We experience guilt or shame whether we have more than enough or not enough. To make matters worse, we don’t like to talk about these feelings. When we tell our story and make ourselves vulnerable we have an opportunity to change. Continue reading

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