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Why Do We Make Life So Complicated?

Why Do We Make Life So Complicated?

Believe that life is worth living


Most of us live and act as if life is a complicated nightmare, a giant puzzle that is up to us to figure out.  I must confess that I enjoy the puzzling, wondering, figuring, learning of it all in my peaceful moments. I do not, however, enjoy the confusion, pain, anxiety and fear that often precipitates it and intensifies as I struggle. The unease, discomfort, and longing to know the why of things drives me toward a deeper understanding of life. It too often drove me through life, leaving me exhausted!  I’ve come to see there is a better way.

The longer I live, the more I understand our complex view of life as an outgrowth of our overactive imaginations focused on the wrong things. We puzzle more over those things we are trying to control than accepting that many things are beyond our control. We fight our finitude. We resist our imperfect nature, as if it is our birthright to have and conquer both.

We make life complicated by our lack of acceptance of what is and our propensity to argue with the laws of nature, the laws of our nature, the laws of the universe. Change is a constant in this universe we live in. It is in our best interest to accept it and figure out what to do with that truth. Sometimes we just have to believe that life is worth living. When we are suffering this is, indeed, a challenge. If, however, we can believe there is value in our suffering, it’s just a little bit easier to bear. Rather than dwelling on the whys and wherefores of our suffering, turning our attention to hope, belief, love and all the blessings that keep us afloat amidst our difficult times offers us a reason to keep sailing toward the sun.