Be Useful – What Do You Do Best – What Are Your Gifts?

Be useful

I never felt like I knew how to be useful as a child. My skills were limited. The youngest of five, my siblings had little use for me and more often than not I was a burden not an aid. They were useful! They taught me things. My sister taught me … Continue reading

A Post Went Viral – What It Says About Women Over Fifty

mirror mirror on the wall

No one was more surprised than I…. when I looked at my stats on the Aging Abundantly Facebook page a couple of weeks ago and saw that a post went viral.  I thought I was seeing things. What I was seeing was what going viral looks like in numbers! It … Continue reading

Unraveling Ourselves

“Unraveling external selves and coming home to our real identity is the true meaning of soul work.” Sue Monk Kidd There is so much to be done in the unraveling department. The good news is that once true unraveling begins, one starts to feel lighter and lighter. The heavy weight … Continue reading

In Search of My Edges

I’m trying to find my edges. The perfect unfolding of a new beginning, a new drama that is directed only by me.  As daft an attempt as this might be, it quickens my spirit and draws me forward. The edges of me, the beginnings, the ends, the boundaries of my … Continue reading

How to Boost Your Self-Esteem (and Happiness!)

It is possible to feel good about ourselves as we age, we just have to understand what self esteem really is and what steps to take to enhance it in ourselves (and others). Everyone seems to have an opinion on the importance of self-esteem. And yet, the general understanding of … Continue reading

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