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Symbols of Transformation ~ A Total Eclipse & A Luna Moth

Symbols of Transformation ~ A Total Eclipse & A Luna Moth

TransformationThis beautiful creature fell upon my path last night while I was out walking. On the eve of a total eclipse, it was a poignant reminder that darkness does not last forever and that transformation is the very gift of life itself.  I received this beauty as a gift and a sign, both for myself in my suffering heart and the world.

The Luna Moth is a symbol of transformation. She is attracted to the light of the moon, and therefore is seen most often in the evenings before dark. Symbolically she speaks to us of the Divine Feminine — the value of the inner spirit — and the importance of trusting our senses and intuition during dark periods in our lives.


The Luna Moth is born, transforms and dies.  She lives only a few weeks in the adult stage and does not eat during her adult phase, as in this stage she has no mouth. Her presence in the growing darkness is a reminder to seek the light, even in the darkness. Her journey is our journey and is the seeking of balance between light and dark, between the seen and the unseen, and walking the medial way even when we’re not sure where we’re going.

Our journey is the process of healing itself, both of ourselves and the world. It is the giving and receiving of love.  Like the Luna Moth, we were born for this journey. It is our birthright and our destiny to play a part, however small, in healing the world and birthing of the soul. We we heal ourselves we contribute to the healing of the whole and the birth of a more balanced world.

“Though her soul requires seeing, the culture around her requires sightlessness. Though her soul wishes to speak its truth, she is pressured to be silent.”  ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés

 We are living in a period of darkness as a nation, echoed in the personal lives of many.  Luna reminds us to hold fast to the light, even when we can’t see it. Like the Luna Moth, our transforming hearts are attracted to light and hear the call of unconditional love. We must simply continue to follow the light and trust the message of transformation.

Darkness and dark times will always be with us, but so too is the abiding presence of light and love. It appears to us in the unfolding of time. Hold on to the symbol of the Luna Moth as a reminder to seek transformation and to trust the process.

The Confederate Flag – A Symbol

The Confederate Flag – A Symbol

symbolismI posted a news report on Facebook yesterday regarding protesters in NC and the confederate flag. It generated so much controversy I began to look for a wider perspective from which to view the conflict. How can we see this situation from a position that does not inflame us? I ran across an article that reminded me that the flag is a symbol. Like all symbols they mean different things to different people. The confederate flag is a symbol of slavery to some, of local pride, lost loved ones and fried chicken to others. A symbol that unifies must be one that speaks to everyone. This flag, even in its origin symbolized division to the people in this country. It continues to do so today.

I would never deny anyone the freedom of speech and expression. I do believe, however, that if we are to weather these difficult times as a country, we must do everything in our power to focus on unity, on what we have in common, on what binds us together. Our history has shaped who we are today. The Civil War was a part of our history. As such, we continue to teach our children about what led up to the war. We also now teach boldly what we learned from the experience and how our views have changed. My children grew up in southern schools and they learned more about black history than they learned about American history. They knew Rosa Parks and what she did. They did not know who George Washington was and what he did. As parents, we filled in the gaps.

We live in a very large and diverse country. It is our strength and at times our weakness. We appreciate our right to free speech and we exercise it liberally. Conversation is healthy, even heated debate, but conflict that pits one against another is a deeper, more challenging issue. The expression of our beliefs is necessary. Symbols must be handled carefully. By their very nature they are capable of producing great conflict or inspiring powerful unity. Remember 9/11? The much maligned American flag went up in a flash on houses, cars, storefronts, in windows, on clothing. It meant, and continues to mean, more to us than most of us realized until that day. How quickly we can forget. The American flag is a symbol of unity for the American people.