We Start With Suffering, Then We Turn the Page

Turn the Page

Suffering is just the jumping off point. It is the kick in the butt to do something different. We hurt. It motivates us to look for ways to relieve our suffering. We don’t always choose the best fixes. Some are dead ends. Others, however, lead us to places we never imagined going. Surprises … Continue reading



TIME FOR AN INTERLUDE in the Voices of Wisdom Series I hope you have been enjoying the The Voices of Wisdom Series! I know I have been enjoying reading and sharing the stories of these courageous and magnificent women and I’m so grateful to them for taking the time to share … Continue reading

Moving Forward by Lucinda Sage-Midgorden

Moving Forward

GOOD MORNING FRIENDS & VISITORS! Welcome to Aging Abundantly’s Voices of Wisdom Series!  This series is about providing both the space and opportunity for women over fifty to tell their story and to share a bit of wisdom they gained in the process of living it.  If you would like … Continue reading

An Opportunity for Change – Sometimes It Comes When We Least Expect It!

opportunity for change

Life delivers the opportunity for change and growth, often when we least expect it. Once-in-a-lifetime events are just such opportunities. When the pot is stirred by events such as graduations, weddings, job changes, loss or a move, it is not uncommon to lose one’s perspective. The weeks leading up to … Continue reading

The Silence of Morning by D.H.Hickman – A Book Review

Silence of Morning

The Silence of Morning: A Memoir of Time Undone  is a powerful memoir of one mother’s struggle to come to terms with the sudden death of her son.  Filled with wisdom and insight, Hickman’s  writings can only be described as a  prayer, one that comes straight from the center of her broken heart. … Continue reading

Just One Decision – That’s All It Takes

Anais Nin picture quote

Most of us remember our parents warning us as teens and young adults to think twice before doing a thing we were thinking about doing. Those of us with children did the same. We caution(ed) them as we were cautioned, suggesting they look before they leap. There’s even a cliché … Continue reading

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