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Mindfulness Mantles by Kay Moates

Kay Moates’ artistry is not about Kay and yet she is the essential ingredient in the making of her mindfulness mantles. Every stitch she takes is done in a state of mindfulness, her art is her meditation practice, and her very personal practice a very personal gift to her patrons. Kay, the artist and the […]

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Jan Sarah Konenkii
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A GIFT IN A BOX – Product Review

Every Fall I seem to receive a mailbox full of product review requests. I’m don’t like to spend too much time doing this but when I see something that intrigues me and I think you might be interested, I welcome the opportunity to give the product a try. Here’s the first with more to come over […]

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Not Doing

We are miserable not-doers in this increasingly fast- paced world. No wonder old age terrifies us! We can’t imagine “not doing”, so programmed to do, do, do. Most of our lives have been spent focused on activities of one sort or another. Even with our offspring, most parents of our generation and our parent’s generation were bound […]

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Aging Abundantly Blogs in a Book

Blog posts can pile up and get lost online. I’ve had many requests for an ebook version of the blogs I’ve been posting since 2010 and I’ve finally managed to put one together. It’s the first of two volumes. At some point, depending on the length, I plan to make it available as one volume […]

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