The Gift of Age

Living just for today can be a real challenge for those of us who have lived our lives immersed in western culture. Every where we turn we hear messages, reminders, and indicators that unless we are moving forward at break neck speed we are not really living. Buddha, and others, … Continue reading

Health News ~ Are We Taking too Many Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs?

As women over fifty, it is often difficult to discern truth from fiction when it comes to treating our physical concerns. Which aches and pains should we do something about? Which discomforts come with age and which should we consult on with a physician? Should we be taking the medications … Continue reading

IRINA WARDAS ~ Health and Nutrition Counselor

Irina Wardas graduated from Columbia Teacher’s College with a degree in education. More importantly, she comes from a family tradition of holistic and alternative health and is herself a second generation alternative health practitioner. She has studied nutrition, reflexology, ayurveda, detoxification and cleansing tools, and have taught yoga for children … Continue reading

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