Finding Hope: Inspiration for the Midlife Journey

Finding Hope…. Has a big impact on the reader. So thought-provoking, this lovely, gentle offering is sure to have you reconsider, not just where are, and how you have lived resiliently to get there, but also where you really want to go… hint…hint…. It’s an inside job, and Sander will help you find your way.” Patricia O’Gorman, PhD, author of The Resilient Woman: Mastering the 7 Steps to Personal Power
This little book packs a powerful punch! It’s a wonderful go-to guide to inspire you whenever you need a little lift. The author’s words are powerful and moving, and reading her essays makes me feel like I’m sitting with her over coffee and soaking up her wisdom. The quotes and affirmations on subjects ranging from beauty, courage, and fear to forgiveness, purpose, and attitude are wonderfully motivating, too. I can’t even pick a favorite, or two, or ten, because so many of them really “speak” to me. This is definitely a book to turn to whenever you need a little motivation or inspiration.”  Candace Johnson, Editor, writer, ChangeItUpEditing.com
I highly recommend “Finding Hope: Inspiration for The Midlife Journey” by Dorothy J Sander . In the well written book, she reflects on 21 life challenges following each with motivational quotes from many. For this to be my midlife journey I would have to live to 154 yet I find the writings still relate to my continuing journey. The book is a gem to keep close for re-reading. It is like a balm to soothe the rough edges of life.”  Elizabeth Egerton Wilder, author of The Spruce Gum Box
A beautifully written book which stays with us long after it’s been read. Sander inspires us with her wisdom about aging with grace – the hardships and the beauty. She delves into what many women begin to question about things and feelings that change as we age and how we become from our experiences. Each chapter is followed by some inspirational quotes that we can go back to whenever we may feel the need for some uplifting. D.G. Kaye, Author of Conflicted Hearts: A Daughter’s Quest for Solace from Emotional Guilt
If you’re like me, you have books that you go back to again and again for solace, assurance, new ideas, confirmation, or to break through mental blocks. *Finding Hope: Quotes & Inspiration* is one such book. It’s one to keep on your nightstand or alter so it’s within easy reach when you need it. Dorothy Sander shares not only personal insights, but quotes that support them from some of the world’s greatest teachers. This book is an invaluable resource. Lucinda Sage-Midgorden, writer, teacher
In ‘Finding Hope: Quotes & Inspiration’ Dorothy Sander encourages the reader to ponder that which makes us who we are and who we can become. Through the use of quotations from poets, philosophers, actors, people we may have heard of, and those we have not, Sander presents the wisdom and viewpoints that have, through the ages, helped to guide humanity collectively and individually. This book is for women and men who desire to try to make sense of their lives and the world around them; and frankly to hopefully better both. It is a book that you can read from beginning to end, or by just looking at any given page and reading a quote and pondering what it means to you at that moment.  The book is written clearly and with a sensitivity that allows people of all faiths or frankly none, to reflect upon the purpose(s) of why we are here, where we may be headed, and how best to get to where we want to go.  So do your self a favor and read Finding Hope: Quotes & Inspiration. Eric Mondschein, Author of Life at 12 College Road
 Dorothy Sander shares inspiration and wisdom in this book of quotes. With each topic she writes something from her own experience and knowledge and then has several people’s quotes to reinforce the ideas. It’s one of those books that you can just pick up, open to a page and get some goodies, or, you can sit down and read the whole thing cover to cover. Laurie Schur, Filmmaker, Beauty of Aging Project and Greedy for Life film, Official Selection for the Gero-Ed Film Festival.
I’ve been a fan of the author’s blogs for some time; Dorothy writes from her heart, and she articulates what many women think and feel but struggle to put into words. This book is a combination of her hard-earned wisdom and quotations that succinctly capture the essence of what it is to be human. Whether you sit down and read it cover to cover or select a particular section that has meaning for you, it’s a must-read as well as a perfect gift for any woman in your life.” Candace Johnson, Editor and Writer. 
Keep this little book handy for those days you can’t seem to pull yourself up! I always find just what I need when I open this book.” Amazon Customer

Caring for Mom, Midlife Reflections

“This beautiful book deeply touched my heart. Not only has it been a source of comfort as I travel the path of taking care of my parents, it has also been a light for my life path. Each story she shares is a snapshot of life’s passages. What a joy and comfort to read this book and know that I am not alone. Dorothy’s ability to touch my heart often left me in tears, but just as often those tears turned into laughter, just like this path I am on.”  

Jill Davis, JillDavisCoaching.com


With courage and wisdom Dorothy Sander spills truth onto every page of this rare book. Uneasy topics are handled with skill and her personal experience is beautiful, painful, raw, and real. Readers will never be alone on similar difficult journeys when they can tap into Dorothy’s insights. Her style and ability as a wordsmith make this volume a joy, and the stark realities it contains make it important reading for anyone caring for an aging loved one. ”

SueAnn Crockett, Writer and Author of Gravy Days, A Wordslinger’s View of Life Past Forty…or Fifty…”


While I found Caring for Mom difficult to read from a personal standpoint because it prompted me to revisit memories of my own mother and the myriad challenges faced and emotions felt in caring for her before her death, I admired the author’s wisdom, insight, perspective, and ability to put into words what so many of us feel and are unable to articulate. Her honesty is balanced and her gift for drawing the reader into situations and the emotions they kindled is very real and very tangible. I found Caring for Mom to be an inspiring read.” M. Maggi, Editor


Beautifully presented, and with attractive illustrations, Dorothy Sander’s skill as a writer becomes apparent as one begins this poignant book. Written during the time she was caring for her dying mother, Dorothy reveals her inner struggles and reflections on life. Many truths are held within the pages of Aging Abundantly, as Dorothy writes from her soul with love and clarity. She writes how, when we have little or no influence over life events, we do have a choice in how we deal with each challenge. She writes of the emotional and mental changes that affect everyone as they go through life, and how attitude can make a difference to survival or defeat. As I read through this book, I smiled a lot. Parallel to Dorothy’s sometimes dismay at how swift life passes, and also the changes that come with the aging process, is her humour. While she struggles at times, one can see that she will be a survivor. Aging Abundantly is a powerful little book that will bring you both joy and tears.” Celia Leaman Canadian author, Books by Celia Leaman


She does it from A to Z!  Dorothy Sander provides women who are 50+ with valuable information and support on topics that are crucial in making this transition in life.  As her website states, you can be sure that it is, indeed, a trusted venue of services by and for women over fifty.  Aging Abundantly is the perfect title for a resource that gives post-menopausal women a wonderful guide to what can be a rich and marvelous time in their lives.”  Chloe JonPaul, M.Ed