A Bit About Me…

DorothyI have scribbled words on paper for as long as I can remember. Considering myself a “writer” took much longer. I am a writer by passion, a teacher and mentor by accident, a philosopher because questions arise.

Educated by life and by intent, I hold a degree in Economics with a minor in Theology from a small college in Michigan with the uncanny name that offered me the very thing I needed most at the time, “Hope”. I searched for my soul for three more years at Princeton Theological Seminary, walking away without the  answers I hoped for, but with a master’s degree in theology and counseling and more unanswered questions.  It took me much longer to understand that what I already knew to be true was all I needed to navigate life. Learning to trust myself and the process of learning took much, much longer.


i write to put words to the feelings, truth, and intuitions that live within me, to find answers to life’s most pressing questions and to share what I discover along the way with those who are searching and /or suffering. I share my words, my discoveries, my thought processes, and my love and support  through articles, books, workshops and one-on-one coaching.  As I continue to search for my voice, my truth, my raison d’être, I love to share my journey and support others who are doing the same.

I  blog here, on The Huffington Post and iSeniorSolutions, about issues relevant to people over forty-five, about trauma and transformation, healing and wholeness, ans psychology and spirituality.  I have a second website, InspiringQuotesbyWomen where I make my contribution to supporting the voice of women.






I’ve lived in North Carolina for more than twenty years and still feel displaced. My roots remain in Maine and New York and consequently I never know what month it is because the seasons are so different.  As far as I can figure out it’s always some kind of summer here.

We raised our two sons in NC and they have last have flown the coop. Sometimes, as proud as I am of them for being grown up and out on their own, I just wish they’d just come back home so I can remember who I am. I’d like to them a hug too. They can leave again after that.

I like the new me. I share my days and nights with my husband of thirty-three years, our grand dog “Rowdy” and two cats. My husband has been improving homes for most of our life together, both our own and his many customers.  He knows everything there is to know about taking care of a house and home improvements. He also knows everything there is to know about cars. So if you ever need some advice, let me know! I keep trying to get him to write some articles for me, but writing is to him like pulling teeth is to me. He is always happy to talk on the phone and truly enjoys helping people. He’s also a Certified Aging In Place Specialist so he can help you out in that regard as well.