A Bit About Me…

I’ve scribbled words in notebooks for as long as I can remember, processing my life as I go. I am driven by a sense of urgency Dorothy Sanderthat is something like a desire to understand, make sense of and grow from life’s most challenging lessons.  This has been the driving force of my life for sixty-five years, although I’ve taken many excursions in a wide variety of directions that have enriched my life, even if they often felt in retrospect like a diversion.

I am an observer, a thinker and a perpetual student. Here I share my stories and reflections as they arise, both past and present. My hope is that we will dialogue with each other about this process called life, shine a light on each other’s journey and perhaps, just perhaps, become fast friends.

Educated by life and by intent, I hold a degree in Economics with a minor in Theology from a small college in Michigan with the uncanny name that offered me the very thing I needed most at that time, “Hope”. I was fortunate to spend three more years at Princeton Theological Seminary immersed in the thought and teachings of the most astute teachers of what was then main stream Christianity. They were trying to shape me into an ordained Presbyterian minister, while I was in search of my soul and a connection to the Divine. walking away without the  answers I had hoped to find, but with a master’s degree in theology and counseling and many more lessons to be learned.


I write to put words to the feelings, to unearth truth, and to explore intuitions that live within me. I share my words, my discoveries, my thought processes in articles, books and workshops.

In addition to this blog, my articles can be found on The Huffington Post and iSeniorSolutions.  My articles “Caring for Mom” was published in several fifty plus publications when it was first written.  Several of my short stories have been published online. I’ve devoted my writing efforts in recent years to this website, my books and conversations with the Aging Abundantly Facebook Community.  A second website, InspiringQuotesbyWomen showcases the voice of women throughout history.





I’ve lived in North Carolina for over twenty years and it still doesn’t feel like home!  My northern roots inhibited by ability to figure out the southern way of life, or absorb the season-less seasons!

Our two sons have flown the coop and are now living 1,000 miles away.  I’m proud of the men they’ve become. There are days, however, when I wish they’d come home and remind me of who I am. A hug would be really nice too! My oldest is married and they are expecting their first child . . . my first grandchild! My youngest is engaged to be married in October of 2018.

I love my life.  It’s not always easy, but the small things keep me planted. My husband of thirty-three years has been a constant source of entertainment and intrigue. He never allows me to wallow to long in unsolvable problems, and I keep him thinking outside of the box. Our grand dog “Rowdy” and two cats keep us on our toes. . . and cleaning house.  Gardening, walking, reading and studying keep me grounded as well.