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Aging Abundantly Community

. . . where women gather to learn, grow care and transform in a supportive, nurturing, and loving environment.

     I’d like to tell you a story.  Over a decade ago, I was hired to write for a website devoted to the needs and concerns of women over fifty. The internet was in its infancy, and this site was the first of its kind.
     My mother was dying, my children were readying themselves to flee the nest, and quite suddenly I was “over the hill”.  My sense of self and my life was in complete disarray and my heart was breaking into a million pieces.

Little did I know, that this writing gig would change my life. As I began to share my thoughts and feelings with the incredible group of women in the blogging forum, and listen to their stories, I woke up to the realization that I was not alone. Buoyed by their kindness, generosity of spirit, guidance and understanding, my life slowly began to feel more manageable. When I returned home from a particularly difficult weekend with my aging mother, I knew where to go to share my thoughts. When sorrow and loss threatened to break me in half, I knew the women of Women Etcetera! would say to me “we’ve got your back”. It didn’t matter that we had never met, what mattered was their heart, love and generosity of spirit. They kept me going.

We can get through anything with a little help from our friends! 

Like many things in the age of technology, the website dissolved, but the friendships it created did not. In fact, several of the original members are now members of the Aging Abundantly community. My only goal in creating this community is to re-create just such a community of women and pass on to others what I so lovingly received.

Social media once offered a platform for connection like none before it. Now, however, as a battle ground for competing political agendas and advertisers I often find myself avoiding it. But I’m not one to give up! It still remains the best option available to us and with a few tweaks to our habits we can still connect there in a safe place, and that is the small group venue.

I have created a new, completely private small group for Aging Abundantly members only. It is carefully monitored and a moderator checks in often. It’s going strong with great participation. It’s been both fun, informative and supportive for the members. I hope you’ll consider joining us.

The Aging Abundantly Circle MeetUp is a private, member-only* community offering a more personal connection for members. It provides a gateway to additional, small topical circles, currently including one for writers, current events, personal and spiritual growth, caregiving and a book club.  More will be formed as the need arises.

As an Aging Abundantly member you will receive:


  • Membership in a private, secure and monitored Facebook Group where members are creating lasting friendships
  • Plus the option to join 2 small circles
  • Free Work Shops
  • Gifts & giveaways
  • Product discounts
  • and more!


  • Community and friendship
  • Fun and connection
  • Laughter and education
  • And above all a safe place where your presence is valued






FINDING HOPE, Quotes & Inspiration for the Midlife Woman or CARING FOR MOM, Reflections from My Cargiving Journey

Finding Hope quotes


A completely revised and expanding version of Dorothy’s collection of quotes for women at midlife and beyond is now available in both paperback and eBook version.  It includes quotes by writers, teachers, authors, mentors and wisdom leaders from all walks of life, and organized by topics such as courage, forgiveness, silence, wisdom, abundance, and more. An essay by the author opens each section, and several blank pages are available at the end of the book to add your own favorite quotes.


Navigating midlife is challenging. Our parents are aging, our children are leaving home and our bodies are morphing into something we barely recognize.  Finding Hope provides support, comfort and food for thought and mediation for all navigating life’s challenges.



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