When we moved into our home nearly twenty years ago I was delighted to discover that we had a beautiful dogwood tree right outside the living room window.  Healthy, strong and stately — in a delicate dogwood kind of way – our tree has delighted us year after year. Unlike the wild dogwoods one sees

Life Under the Cloud

I have spent a lifetime battling back the cloud of depression. I can’t pin down exactly when it started, I think perhaps it started in the womb, or is carried forward in my DNA from previous generations of familial women who embodied powerlessness. I came from a lineage of women bound by cultural dictates and personal characteristics that turned them into creatures

A GIFT IN A BOX – Product Review

Every Fall I seem to receive a mailbox full of product review requests. I’m don’t like to spend too much time doing this but when I see something that intrigues me and I think you might be interested, I welcome the opportunity to give the product a try. Here’s the first with more to come over

When Plans Change – And, they always do!

I have been on the road for over a week experiencing vistas far beyond my imaginings. Sure, I’ve seen pictures of such sights, but the reality is grander, more heart and soul-stirring than a picture can ever convey. (I’ve snapped a few thousand myself!) What I’ve seen and experienced has put me on sensory overload,