1-dancing-woman-artAging Abundantly

 is for you…

…..the woman willing to embrace change, growth and becoming as a natural part of being human…

at every age.

You lean in to the growing edge of you

and insofar as you are able

you strive to match your insides with your outsides. 

We are all a work in progress, even at 50, 60, 70 and 80 . . .change, growth and a deeper awareness of life itself never ends until the day we die. And who knows, maybe after!

Strength, courage and grace are the cornerstone of our daily existence.

and we strive to let our light shine for those who still linger in the dark a little more each day.

AGE is just a number, not a death sentence.

In fact, I believe it is life-giving when we choose not to resist it.

What wisdom we have gained!

In the first half of our lives we were transformed us in large part

without our conscious awareness or cooperation.

NOW it’s time to take it up a notch.

It’s time to choose to dive into the fire of change and make different choices.

Through this magnificent process we are

transformed, inside and out, slowly rising from the ashes of  maiden and mother and


we are born anew as a wise women, crone,

wounded healer. . .and beautiful creative being that we are.

This is our destiny, our blessing, our gift should we choose to walk the walk.

You, yes you . . . are a gift. . .

to yourself, to the world, to your children’s children.

You are the hope for the future, the conveyor of truth, lived, tested and true.

Embrace the process and break open the pain that holds you hostage within yourself.

You were made for this day. . . prepared by the years you’ve lived, the struggles you’ve endured. . . and the lessons you have learned.

This is your moment in time. This is your life to be lived. Right now.

In all its fullness. In all its richness.


Hold your suffering in a way that allows you not only to set it free but use it to the benefit of those who suffer still.


Share your journey — the heroine’s journey – –

with like-minded women.Aging Abundantly home [age

Our work in the linear world is done.

Prepare to step into the large and potent power of a soul driven life.

It is the next step.

Your magnificence is awaiting your discovery, unleash the gifts you hold and bring them to abundance.

You are needed and absolutely necessary.

Are you ready to embrace the challenge?

Like a butterfly you are emerging from your cocoon.

Can you feel it?

JOIN the Aging Abundantly tribe. 



Finding Hope quotesReinforce your hopeful spirit!

I just finished revising and expanding my collection of quotes for women at midlife and beyond. A carefully selected collection of my favorites quotes gleaned over the years from the written works of writers, teachers, authors, mentors and wisdom leaders from all walks of life. They all point in the direction of hope and are organized by topics that include courage, forgiveness, silence, wisdom, abundance, and more.

Finding Hope was written with the needs and concerns of the woman at midlife and beyond in mind and addresses issues that we believe shape who we are, such as beauty, aging, and change. Readers have told me that this book has become a permanent fixture on their night stand. It’s also a perfect gift for a friend or family member facing the issues and challenges of aging and life after fifty.