About Aging Abundantly

Aging Abundantly came about as I faced my own midlife challenges and metamorphosis; and like my little friend the caterpillar, just when I thought my world had ended, it took flight instead.

Aging Abundantly is about transformation and metamorphosis at midlife and beyond. At exactly the same time our hormones begin to shift, the life we’ve worked so hard to create also begins to change. Our kids are leaving home (or trying to), our parents are dying, our relationships are faltering, our youth conceived dreams and aspirations are losing their magnetism or have fallen short of our expectations. Together this perfect storm provides us with an invitation to step into the fray and be transformed.  It is as it should be. It is not an ending. It is a beginning.

Are you looking for support?

During the transition period, however, we need support. It is tough to go it alone and we don’t have to. Once I lifted my head out of the sand and came to the realization that I was not the only one thinking and feeling the things I was thinking and feeling, I discovered a bounty of women who were at one stage or another in this transformation.

Aging Abundantly brings the wisdom of all women together in one place, offering insight, support and a helping hand to you wherever you are in your journey. Take a few moments to read some of the articles, to ponder your journey, to find sustenance and guidance.  If you need support, reach out. We are here to lend a helping hand in any way we can. Take a look at our Support Services and see if there is something there that will help you get unstuck or move away from your fear. You are worth it.

If you’ve discovered your passion, and if you believe it is of value to women, get in touch with me and apply to become anAging Abundantly Wise Woman.  SEE OPPORTUNITIES for details.

The Aging Abundantly Wise Women are rich in talent, ability, and wisdom. They are also the kindest, most caring people I have ever met. Focused on reaching out to women, they conduct their business in a personal, honest and trustworthy manner. The service they provide is impeccable, their knowledge profound, and their desire to give their customers exactly what they are looking for is unique in the today’s marketplace. Hand selected, each is certified as an Aging Abundantly Expert.

Many of these women started their businesses after the age of fifty and they bring years of experience together with a genuine excitement for what they do. They are dedicated to bringing real value to other women.

My hope is that when you look at the world through the window of Aging Abundantly, you will see what I have seen: hope, inspiration, abundance, wisdom and beauty. It may just transform your life.

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