Healing and Wholeness – The Benefits of Age

Healing and Wholeness – The Benefits of Age

01f46aa102af23f19b541d77b7f9a8e7Age gives us a decided advantage when it comes to resolving issues and finding peace. By the time we reach the half century mark we’ve had enough experience and made enough mistakes to see patterns emerge. These patterns are a tremendous teaching tool, pointing us directly to areas that need to be  addressed. In our youth we were drawn like a magnet to the world in front of us, not inside of us. We were more likely to make external adjustments rather than internal ones.

Age brings us to a deeper understanding that healing and wholeness, peace and happiness can only come from inside of us. We’ve tried the other way endlessly to no avail.  We may spend a decade or more at midlife dismantling our perceptions of ourselves and figuring out who we really are and what we really value. Our many years of living up until this time reveals to us that our perceptions of ourselves and our choices are not necessarily our own. Indoctrinated from birth with family and cultural values, we grow up adapting to survive. The gift of hindsight enables us to begin clearing away the clutter and debris we’ve dragged with us through the first half of our life.

In the process of my own healing over the last four plus years (if you are interested in reading more visit my blog ManifestMe2014), there have been discoveries, large and small, that have led to changes in everything from how I wear my hair to how I greet my neighbors, from how I interact with my husband to how I make my living. These discoveries have been, and continue to be, discoveries about what is really true for me and an on-going process as day by day I learn to live a more congruent life – matching my insides to my outsides.

I see my life now as a different sort of journey than I once thought it to be. It’s a journey of becoming, a journey toward greater synchronicity, clarity and inner peace.  I thought I knew what that meant when I was nineteen. I laugh now at my naivete. Then I view it more as a state to attain or obtain. Not I understand it as a flow into which we step.  To do so we must learn to trust ourselves and trust the process. This may just be the hardest part. Having companions on the journey, people who understand or have experienced stepping in and out of the flow, helps reinforce our own discoveries, though it will never replace it.

There are not rules or how to’s for this path. Each journey is unique, but there are common facilitating practices that help us strip away the detritus and get down to business. Solitude, meditation, prayer, simplifying one’s life, turning inward, reading, physically healing and nurturing practices such as massage, tapping (EFT), traditional therapy, essential oils, Reiki, acupuncture, yoga, and a myriad of other century old practices that bring us back to ourselves help pave the way.

The essential task for this path is to pursue healing and wholeness in body, mind and spirit. Wherever there is dis-ease, healing is needed before wholeness can be found. If one suffers from anxiety or depression, from IBS or chronic heartburn, from boredom or mental exhaustion, no positive flow of energy can occur, either in or out. The first step is to understand and believe that healing can occur. It can, but it is not something that is done for you, but rather something you open yourself to.

The journey is like the slow and gentle opening of a flower. For a blossom to be beautiful and fragrant it requires not just water, but nutrients and soil, sun and an ecosystem that supports its growth. So too with us. We will blossom as we receive those things in healthy quantities that feed and nurture us fro the inside out. Our responsibility is to stand open and receptive to those things that feed our souls and to learn to love ourselves and care for ourselves as a mother or father would their child, or a lover her beloved. It begins there.


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