I was recently invited to try Cool-Jams – wicking sleepwear – ideal for our up and down body temperature. Perfect not only for the menopausal years but also before and after! Little did I know that I would fall in love with these jammies. I don’t know about you, but I have to feel “just right” in my pjs.  In fact, I have a drawer full of sleep apparel of all varieties that I keep just because I spent money on them, but almost never wear. They’re either too hot, too cold, too tight, too itchy, too something! I have one or two favorites at any given time. NOW, I have a new favorite!

wicking jams for menopausal womenI suffered through night sweats before I even knew they were night sweats – in my forties. Menopause came around and I had other issues, mostly I never slept! The post menopause years I find I’m not one minute, ice-cold the next. That’s what I like about Cool-Jams. They work to keep your body temperature even. I can tell you what I read on their website about how this works, but you might want to explore yourself. Suffice it to say they have developed some miracle fabric that is incredibly comfortable. I’m not just saying that. When I finish this post I’m going to order a second pair.

To make matters even better Cool-jams has an amazing selection. They even have menswear! I just noticed today that they now have bedding! (Trust me there are men who suffer from hot flashes as they age when their hormone levels go wacky for various reasons. They just don’t talk about things the way we do. So you may want to buy your guy some for Xmas.)

I’m not going to model mine for you. 🙂 But, here’s the one I have. Trust me she looks much better than I do! But, I seriously don’t care because I feel just as attractive in mine!Cool Jams wicking pajamas




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  1. Dorothy, you are experimenting with a new topic here. It certainly fits snugly into the season — unless you live in the southern hemisphere. Are you familiar with Debby Gies, the writer? If so, you know she has written a book about menopause:

    You might have a buyer here or at least an interested reader – ha!

    • I do know Debbie. I read one of her books and we’re connected on FB. Actually these PJs are good for any time of year!

      • These look fab Dorothy. I’m going over to investigate, since I spend much of my writing time in this type of attire, lol. I will say though perhaps we should consider this wicking recipe and come out with matching sheets? As far as jammies go, when I was in the ‘sweat situation’, there was no such thing as anything comfortable; I slept in my birthday suit, and if I could have taken that off too I would have, lol. Currently, I live in Victoria Secret cotton sleep shirt. 🙂

  2. Dorothy — I just checked out the COOL-jams website and am impressed with their selection. I love that you can mix-and-match top/bottom colors and styles. THANK YOU for sharing!

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