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Aging Abundantly


where learning, growing, transforming women gather.

Just like the caterpillar who thought her world had ended, we are ready to emerge from our cocoons transformed.

We are ALL in the process of becoming.


 The women of Aging Abundantly embrace change. To the best of our ability, we do not deny, avoid, or run away from it. Instead, we open ourselves up to it for all that it has to teach us.

The Aging Abundantly Circle Members

hold space for all women

who hear the call to live an inner directed life, and who immerse themselves in the process of aligning their insides with their outsides.  


of our online community and share your journey with so many remarkable and inspiring women just like you!

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Aging abundantly means striving to live on the growing edge of who we are, leaning into change and opening ourselves to all it has to teach us.

We are a work in progress, always,

at 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and beyond. 

Aging abundantly means developing resilience,

striving to heal our wounds,

maintaining our health – – body, mind and spirit – –

and showing up in the world as our truest self.

Aging abundantly women focus their attention on aligning their insides

with their outsides.

Strength, courage and grace are the cornerstone of our daily existence. 

aging abundantly



Dive into the fire of change, learn to make different choices, choices that support your becoming rather than thwarting it.

Embrace the aging process and allow the fire of change to transform you.

transformationLIKE A PHOENIX 

you will rise from the ashes of  who you were as maiden/mother


be born anew as a wise woman, wounded healer, and teacher of those who follow. 

Embrace the aging process and allow it break open the pain that holds you hostage, keeps you powerless and prevents you from being all you were meant to be.

The years you have lived have prepared you for this day.

NOW is your time


Share your journey of change and transformation

with like-minded women. 


JOIN the Aging Abundantly tribe. 



Finding Hope quotes


A completely revised and expanding version of Dorothy’s collection of quotes for women at midlife and beyond is now available in both paperback and eBook version.  It includes quotes by writers, teachers, authors, mentors and wisdom leaders from all walks of life, and organized by topics such as courage, forgiveness, silence, wisdom, abundance, and more. An essay by the author opens each section, and several blank pages are available at the end of the book to add your own favorite quotes.

Navigating midlife is challenging. Our parents are aging, our children are leaving home and our bodies are morphing into something we barely recognize.  Finding Hope provides support, comfort and food for thought and mediation for all navigating life’s challenges.