Aging in Place

“Aging in place” is a growing trend among the members of the boomer generation. I’m not sure whether the trend was spawned by watching how our parents chose to live out their elder years, economics, or just personal preference, but more and more people are choosing to stay in their … Continue reading

The Fear of Love

We have all been wounded.  Many of us bear the deep scars of a less than perfect childhood. Perhaps our parents didn’t, or couldn’t love us the way we needed to be loved, alas, the way all children deserve to be loved. Or, maybe another person or experience left a mark … Continue reading

And What is your Truth….

Words float in my head, unbidden, wandering trying to go somewhere. Like me. Phrases lurk in the shadows looking for a home, a purpose, a connection to something, somewhere. Like me. Beauty rests somewhere unfamiliar, somewhere in yet to be charted territory. Peace and tranquility. Joy. Meaning. Purpose. The truths … Continue reading

Mining the Past

The past holds many treasures that can serve us well as seek to discover what we are supposed to be doing now that we’re almost old. Not only does it contain the wisdom born of hardship and pain, but it also holds the key to the joy and meaning that … Continue reading

Aging in Cyberspace

The internet has offered aging women an opportunity to step out of their solitude and find friendship and advice from fellow life travelers.  It’s a new world. Just a generation or two ago, women aged in the comfort of their own home with children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters within arm’s reach. This, … Continue reading

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