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Are You a Writer or Want to Be?

Are You a Writer or Want to Be?

Write up a storm!

I have had a passion for writing for as long as I can remember. I think I wrote my first poem when I was four or five. I really got intense about writing poetry during my high school years, when I first became acquainted with angst. I rarely shared it with anyone as I had already learned that I would never “be a writer”. I did not find favor in the eyes of my English teachers or college professors and I somehow came to believe a writer had to have a “gift” and I just didn’t have it!

It didn’t stop me from writing, at least for myself.  Journaling helped me keep my sanity through  heart breaks and the difficult twenties.  More angst.  It was also probably my joy of writing that made up for my other deficits when it came to completing my college and grad school course work. I was able to take the little bit of time I spent on research and spin it into a twenty page paper in a flash and usually got a decent grade. I didn’t consider this a gift at the time. I considered it luck.

Writing is just in a person’s blood. I think that’s the only part of it that is a gift. The rest is just plain hard work and persistence; it’s writing until you’re good at it or until you no longer have anything to say, whichever comes first. Writing is a craft.

So if it’s in your blood, write on! And, forget the naysayers both real and imagined.

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WRITING UP A STORM by Celia Leaman

WRITING UP A STORM by Celia Leaman

Celia Leaman, the author of Writing Up a Storm, is not only a prolific fiction writer but a skilled instructor of the craft of writing. She was one of my first and best writing instructors at Writers Online Workshop from Writer’s Digest and has become a dear friend. Celia is a kind and compassionate teacher who understands the tender heart of the writer, but she is also passionate about using language and structure correctly so as not to take away from the writer’s  intent and meaning.

Growing up in England , she has a delightful sense of humor that weaves its way through her book and gets the reader through difficult patches. Each page is infused with her obvious love of the craft of writing and one can’t help but be infected.  Celia’s creative spirit refuses to rest, whether she is writing a book, gardening at home on her little Canadian island, spinning wool or creating her charming felted critters to sell at the local market.  Celia creates and adds beauty to the world everywhere she goes and is an expert in helping others do the same.

Writing Up a Storm is the perfect companion for anyone who puts pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. You willwant a copy of it in your library. A Global eBook Award Nominee for 2011, Writing Up a Storm is available in both paperback and e-book.

For more information or to purchase your copy of Writing Up a Storm, visit Celia’s Store on Lulu.


  • Mary’s Child – Kitty grows up feeling she doesn’t belong to the couple who call themselves her parents, so when she meets the man who makes her feel as though she does belong, she follows her dream. But that dream becomes a nightmare when she discovers who he really is.
  • Past Present I: Web of Lies – It isn’t Anne Graham’s dream of becoming a best-selling author that makes her go astray, but the older, worldly man who promises her success who leads her down the wrong path. Watching her every move is a sinister beholder, who will kill the person he loves rather than see Anne succeed where he has failed.
  • The Winnowed Woman – Just how much can one person bear? In The Winnowed Woman, through essays, poems and recollections of less happier times, we are shown how one woman arrives at accepting the changes that come knocking at her door. Divorce can happen to anyone, female or male. It isn’t the event that is the challenge, but how a person deals with it.
  • Unraveled – No one could be more innocent than Millicent, who has always kept the promise of her wedding vows until she finds she has been grossly deceived. Casting care to the wind, she embarks on a new, exciting journey that will lead to an ultimate destination of fresh love and self-fulfillment.

For more information visit Celia’s website: Still Writing