Are You Still Pretending to Be a Younger Version of Yourself?

Are You Still Pretending to Be a Younger Version of Yourself?

I know that’s a really loaded question! But, an important one. We live in a youth obsessed culture. We are enamored with being young, beautiful and physically fit. There’s so much more to life! I shared a few of my thoughts in a recent article on Huffington Post: Keeping Up Appearances, Who Would We Be if We Quit Talking About Aging?  I think this is an important conversation that it’s time to bring out in the open.

Why are we so afraid of getting old? Why are we horrified at the thought of wrinkles and a little extra adipose tissue? Why do we put our physical appearance at the top of our list in importance when we consider the things we value about ourselves? Wander into any retail store and you will see aisles of skincare products from Clinique, Mario Badescu, Hydroxatone, among many others. I’m sure we all agree that physical health and well-being are pretty basic to enjoying life but given the amount of conversation we have around this topic, I can’t help but think there’s something more motivating our intense interest. What might that “something more” be?

Perhaps it’s a fear of death, or a fear of losing our power in our relationships with the men in our lives, or a fear of losing relevancy if we’re no longer young and pretty. I’m sure the reason is different for everyone, but the common result is the same. We are living in fear of aging. Let’s figure out why so we can put it behind us and get on with life!

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