Let Go and Let Love

Let Go and Let Love


Simple words. Not always a simple matter. Letting go. It’s the hardest thing in the world to do. We seem to have been born to want to change things, to improve them, make them better. We are driven to fix the broken within ourselves and within others. We can conceive of perfection and so we think it’s possible to achieve it. We can imagine something better and it compels us forward. We love and long to make others love us similarly. Letting go. Is it possible when we are so driven? Should we let go? If we let go would we no longer care? Would we fall into some careless abyss?

I think not. To let go most often means, beneath everything else, to let go of fear. To trust life. To trust this moment. To trust the outcome. Letting go means letting go of our need to control, our need to make something happen, including love, and let life take care of itself, let love take care of itself. There is no room for love to work when we are a constant, demanding presence in the equation. Love needs space to live and breathe and work it’s magic. It will not be controlled or demanded upon. Let go and let love. Let go of your expectations, your demands, your needs, your fears and make room for love in your life. It’s there. Waiting.

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  1. These words are possibly amongst the most important one should hear in order to better live life and embrace love. We forget the magic of love and magic is a thing of mystery not to be thought of as calculated and controlled…letting go is the key. Beautifully done. Thank you Dorothy 🙂

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