Dare to Live

Dare to Live




Even as we face the last leg of our journey in life, we must dare to live. We must dare to overcome our fears, grab hold of what we know to be good and honest and true and sink our teeth into its expression. We are a gifted generation. So many of us have had the opportunity to not have to worry about hunger and survival. We have been able to spend our days thinking about something more. We have been able to go and do and imagine things that previous generations did not have time to consider, let alone explore. Let’s give back something of what we have learned from our exploration, our dabbing in this ¬†uncharted territory. Let us find the nugget of truth that lives within each of us and give it back to the world. It is in desperate need of those things we have learned, have discovered in the forty, fifty, sixty or more years of living someplace beyond mere survival. It is now up to us.

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  1. This is so true for me right now, thanks for this post!

    Now in my late 50s, I am finding myself “shedding my skin”, and this letting go has created the space for what is next to show up. It feels scarey and exciting almost all the time now! I thought that would pass, but as I continually venture outside of my comfort zone, I’m noticing that these feelings have become pretty constant companions.

    I am living a life so completely different from anything I have previously known, and while it can feel uncomfortable, I am feeling alive and contributing to life in a way that I never have before. I’m so grateful to have found this site, and other wise ones on the journey.

    1. How exciting, Cynthia! Living on the edge of one’s comfort zone is a great way to live, as long as you can handle it! Sounds like you are! We just can’t learn and grow if we’re not pushing our limits and there is just so much to learn. Thanks for inspiring me to get back to pushing my own a bit harder than I do! Hope to see you here again.

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